Vitra - Wooden Doll Dog Holzpuppe groß - schwarz/weiß/braun/handbemalt/LxBxH 11x8.6x39.3cm
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Wooden Doll Dog

Design by Alexander Girard
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Product description

The Wooden doll dog was designed by the innovative designer Alexander Girard for Vitra.

Girard's passion for folk art resulted from his extensive travels to Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. He was a keen collector of this art, and it clearly inspired many pieces of his graphic and product design. For this any many other reasons, Girad's work surely stood out during the post-war period of austerity. Vitra is a family-run, Swiss label which keeps the work of Girad, along with other notable 20th-century designers like the Eames couple, alive!

The wooden dog's geometric shapes give it an abstract look, making this piece of art a perfect accessory for modern, flared interiors. Its entire design is both unique and intriguing. You can stoke your creative ability by rotating and detaching the parts to create various shapes, and the Wooden doll dog can multitask between enhancing your home's aesthetics and keeping your child engaged at play. Its bright and lively looks will surely light up the mood in your space, and it is maintenance-free. He is a faithful companion in your living area and also an exciting play toy in your children's room.

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Wooden Doll Dog large
Wooden Doll Dog large black / white / brown / hand-painted / LxWxH 11x8.6x39.3cm
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Wooden Doll Dog small
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Dimensions & additional info

Materialssolid fir wood, magnet
· LxWxH 4.8x3.6x17.1cm: 4.8cm
· LxWxH 11x8.6x39.3cm: 11cm
· LxWxH 4.8x3.6x17.1cm: 3.6cm
· LxWxH 11x8.6x39.3cm: 8.6cm
· LxWxH 4.8x3.6x17.1cm: 17.1cm
· LxWxH 11x8.6x39.3cm: 39.3cm

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