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    • Alias
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Kartell - Pop Missoni Two Seater
Pop Missoni Two Seater
€ 2.096,00
€ 2.620,00
Kartell - Pop Two Seater
Pop Two Seater
from € 1.741,00
€ 2.176,00
HAY - Mags Sofa Module Lounge Right 132,5x95,5cm
Mags Sofa Module Lounge Right 132,5x95,5cm
from € 861,00
€ 957,00
Kartell - Pop Three Seater
Pop Three Seater
from € 2.326,00
€ 2.908,00
Kartell - Pop Outdoor Two Seater
Pop Outdoor Two Seater
from € 2.096,00
€ 2.620,00
Softline - Lotus Sofa
Lotus Sofa
from € 1.125,00
€ 1.290,00
Softline - Scope Sofa
Scope Sofa
from € 1.061,00
€ 1.217,00
freistil Rolf Benz - freistil 187 Lounge Sofa
freistil Rolf Benz
freistil 187 Lounge Sofa
€ 4.874,00
€ 5.415,00
Softline - Cord Sofa Bed
Cord Sofa Bed
from € 1.355,00
€ 1.505,00
Innovation - Zeal Bow Sofa Bed 200x72cm
Zeal Bow Sofa Bed 200x72cm
€ 521,00
€ 694,00
Rolf Benz - Rolf Benz 310 Sofa 4-Seater Sofa
Rolf Benz
Rolf Benz 310 Sofa 4-Seater Sofa
€ 1.407,00
€ 2.558,00
Muuto - Rest 2 Seater Sofa
Rest 2 Seater Sofa
from € 2.919,00
Gervasoni - Next 12 P Sofa
Next 12 P Sofa
€ 3.469,00
€ 3.855,00
Zanotta - Lama 921 Lounger
Lama 921 Lounger
from € 4.555,00
Conmoto - Riva Lounge modules
Riva Lounge modules
from € 1.671,00
€ 1.759,00
Moooi - BFF Sofa
BFF Sofa
€ 4.671,00
€ 4.917,00

Take a seat – on elegant designer sofas

Home time at last! Now it’s time to head for the couch, put your feet up and finally enjoy some quality time with a film or book. It’s vital to have somewhere as a personal retreat if you want to truly relax after work. Create your own oasis of well-being with wonderful living landscapes and couch sets from our shop. Manufactured by renowned brand labels, these offer you not only first-class seating comfort and quality, but are also pleasing to the eye. Choose the sofa or couch that best suits your interior design style and buy your new favourite furniture online today!

Order sofas at AmbienteDirect and experience pure relaxation

They are far more than simple upholstered furniture to add to your living room furniture: our high-quality designer sofas score highly thanks to their versatility as well as the ultimate in quality and style. Discover our large selection of luxurious branded items and buy your favourite conveniently online: from the space-saving folding sofa to the classy leather sofa to the vast lounge sofa.

Material, size and colour – what are you looking for?

The right dimensions

For singles who only have a small home and rarely receive many visitors, practical two-seaters are ideal sofas. They are large enough for one or two people and still offer you plenty of comfort. Take a look at the models from Innovation or Cassina.

Do you often invite two or three friends for a film night? Then a three-seater could be the right choice for you, like those from Muuto. Or you could supplement your two-seater with comfortable armchairs to create a flexible seating group in which everyone can choose their favourite spot.

If you get a lot of visitors or are looking for a spacious designer couch for the whole family, then spacious corner sofas from Vitra or freistil Rolf Benz are the perfect choice. There’s enough space on these for everybody, for cuddling, lazing around or watching TV together.

The right material

Sofas made from opulent genuine leather like those from HAY always look especially classy and exclusive. The natural fabric is also extremely durable, stain resistant and adapts to your body temperature. With the help of a special leather care product, you can keep the upholstery of your couch looking beautiful for a long time.

Upholstered furniture made of yarn and woven fabric has the advantage that it feels soft to the skin and hardly attracts any hair. They are therefore also ideal for dog or cat owners. Likewise, a finely woven synthetic fibre cover is great, and has a little more resistance to sharp claws and teeth than cotton.

If you would prefer a particularly cuddly material for your sofa, cosy microfibre fabrics are also a possibility. It’s easy to remove fur or hair from these with a vacuum cleaner, and they are also relatively insensitive to UV radiation.

This is especially important for garden sofas that are left outside over the summer. In addition to rattan, other ideal materials for outdoor furniture include aluminium and steel – just look at the products from EMU. For an even greater feel-good factor and increased seating comfort, add some cosy outdoor seat cushions and pads.

Choosing the right colour

Bright sofas in cherry red or lime green are great eye-catchers, especially in cool or monochrome living rooms. We stock these from the manufacturers Knoll International and cartel, among others. Do you prefer simpler colours in your interior design? No problem, with neutral beige, black or grey you can’t possibly go wrong. These colours can be combined in many different ways with other pieces of furniture.

Which model for which living style?

Just switch off, take a nap and escape from stress of everyday life for a while: isn’t that what everyone wants after a hard day at work? To be able to do this, a cosy retreat within your own home is a must. That’s why you should choose a sofa that you really like – regardless of whether it blends discreetly into your interior or turns heads as an extravagant eye-catcher.

Modern style: A minimalist style, clear lines and straightforward design without extras are characteristic for sofas of this type. You can find them in our selection from the label Rolf Benz, among others.

Scandinavian style: Light colours and warm wooden elements, for example on the feet or the frame, are typical of Scandinavian-oriented furniture design. Completely wooden sofas like those from Jan Kurtz are especially suitable for the patio or balcony.

Industrial and colonial style: This style is often found in large loft living rooms and is characterised by dark leather sofas with pretty details such as decorative buttons in the backrest. This seating furniture is also ideally suited for the vintage and retro look – just take a look at the models from Innovation our online shop for proof.

Country house style: Floral fabric sofas like the extra special ones from Kartell fit perfectly in a rustic interior with lots of wood. You could add an extra touch of charm and nostalgia by adding covers.

Order your new favourite from the AmbienteDirect range now and furnish your living and outdoor area with an exclusive designer sofa.