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ClassiCon - Tube Light  Floor Lamp
Tube Light Floor Lamp
€ 637,00
€ 731,00
ClassiCon - Pallas Indoor Table 75x300cm
Pallas Indoor Table 75x300cm
from € 3.729,00
€ 4.143,00
ClassiCon - Sax Side Table Adjustable In Height
Sax Side Table Adjustable In Height
from € 936,00
€ 1.248,00
ClassiCon - Orbis Table Lamp
Orbis Table Lamp
from € 1.059,00

Collections by ClassiCon

ClassiCon is a German design company based in Munich. The company has existed since 1990 and was founded by Stephan Fischer of Poturzyn. ClassiCon is known for producing modern classics. To do this ClassiCon has been in collaboration with many designers such as Eileen Gray, Konstantin Grcic, Eckart Muthesius, Herbert H. Schultes, Stephan Braunfels and Christoph Bönninger.

Eileen Gray is one of the major designers of this high quality work. ClassiCon created and sold the Eileen Gray Collection as a worldwide licensee of Aram Designs Ltd in London. The designer collaborated in the early 1970s with Zeev Aram to allow their designer objects to move into series production. Five years later, Zeev Aram got the worldwide license for the introduction, production and distribution of Eileen Gray designs. And ClassiCon knew Eileen Gray’s creations absolutely had to belong to its furniture collection.

In the production of a ClassiCon design piece of furniture, high quality is imperative. For ClassiCon, this means that every piece of furniture in the Classic Collection is indelibly marked and furthermore has its own number. With the signature the design company guarantees the exclusive use of high quality materials and the best processing techniques. In addition, each ClassiCon product undergoes intensive quality control. Through the signature the buyer is assured that it is an original ClassiCon piece of furniture and it meets the highest quality requirements.

The Adjustable Table E 1027 cocktail table by Eileen Gray is considered the design classic par excellence by ClassiCon. The shape is so brilliantly and uniquely designed that the table quickly became a highlight on the designer scene. The height-adjustable Adjustable Table from 1927 was named after the summer home E 1027, which Eileen Gray had built for herself and her colleague Jean Badovici. The "E" stands for "Eileen", the "10" for "Jean" - "J" is the tenth letter of the alphabet - the "2" for the "B" in the name "Badovici" and "7" for the first letter "G" in her own surname.

Another design highlight of ClassiCon is the Bibendum chair, which was also designed in 1929 by Eileen Gray. The designer gave the furniture the name "Bibendum" because it closely resembled the man from the French tyre maker Michelin’s advertisements. The chair, despite its size, features absolute harmony and irresistible charm. Like a little throne, the Bibendum chair adds to its surroundings and you will feel like royalty on it.

Every product by ClassiCon radiates something unique and magical. Besides the aforementioned Adjustable Table E 1027 cocktail table and the Bibendum chair you can find more wonderful ClassiCon design objects on AmbienteDirect. How about the ingenious Saturn coat stand by Barber Osgerby in 2007, which always makes your jackets and coats look good? Or the Venus chair by Konstantin Grcic, where you can sit on the divine? Browse through the online shop AmbienteDirect and let yourself be captivated by the timeless aesthetics of ClassiCon products!