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Tojo - V Bed
V Bed
€ 475,00
€ 506,00
Tojo - V Bed
V Bed
beech / LxWxH 190 x 90-172 x 23cm
in Stock
€ 475,00
€ 506,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Tojo - Sit Bench 70x30cm
Sit Bench 70x30cm
from € 139,00
€ 155,00
Tojo - Sit Bench 70x30cm
Sit Bench 70x30cm
white / WxHxD 70x40x30cm
in Stock
€ 150,00
€ 174,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Tojo - Sit Bench 70x30cm
Sit Bench 70x30cm
beech / WxHxD 70x40x30cm
in Stock
€ 139,00
€ 155,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Tojo - Parallel Bed 200cm
Parallel Bed 200cm
from € 417,00
€ 463,00
Tojo - System Bed
System Bed
from € 349,00
€ 389,00
Innovation - Splitback Frej Sofa Bed Oak 232x99cm
Splitback Frej Sofa Bed Oak 232x99cm
from € 1.069,00
€ 1.425,00
Softline - Cord Sofa Bed
Cord Sofa Bed
from € 1.505,00
Tojo - Steh Closet Basic Element
Steh Closet Basic Element
€ 385,00
€ 428,00
Innovation - Bifrost Deluxe Sofa Bed 209x117cm
Bifrost Deluxe Sofa Bed 209x117cm
from € 1.461,00
€ 1.950,00
Softline - Venus Sofa Bed
Venus Sofa Bed
€ 1.655,00
€ 1.839,00
Softline - Madison Sofa Bed
Madison Sofa Bed
from € 1.829,00
Innovation - Trym Sofa Bed 200x93cm
Trym Sofa Bed 200x93cm
€ 1.269,00
€ 1.693,00

Premium bedroom furniture ensures a good night’s sleep

Harmony and comfort are essential factors for a restful sleep. Nobody understands this better than the brand manufacturers and leading designers that produce the exclusive items of furniture in the AmbienteDirect online shop. To give you an impression of our products and the numerous ways in which you can stylishly draw attention to your bedroom furniture, we have put together an overview of our furniture, labels and designers.

Top brands = top products

Durable and innovative quality furniture that you can enjoy for a long time: that’s what Müller Möbelwerkstätten is all about. Be it beds, cabinets or bedside tables – functionality is high on the list of criteria for this traditional German company. For instance, most of the modular items of furniture can be disassembled and assembled as required to save space. Thanks to the simple design, the products fit into a wide variety of living styles. In addition to bedroom furniture, the label also has a variety of matching accessories such as slatted frames and cold foam mattresses which are available from us online.

Practical thinking – the Danish manufacturer Softline is an expert at this. This is especially evident in its compact day beds, which are ideal for small bedrooms that serve as living areas during the day. The innovative idea behind it came from designer Kurt Brandt, who successfully collaborated with the company for many years until his death.

The brand e15 is also in close contact with well-known artists, such as Stefan Diez, for example. The high-quality bedroom furniture plays with traditional craftsmanship and innovative contrasts. The successful combination of wood and plastic elements creates excitement and fascination. Geometric shapes and clean lines radiate stability and security, so you can lay back and relax in your bed at night.

Which interior design styles are suitable for the bedroom?

Whether you want to design your room in one particular style or you prefer a mix of different living styles – anything is possible with our bedroom furniture. 

  • Modern style: Straight shapes, high-gloss polished surfaces, and black or white colours are clear features of a modern décor. There’s no need for accessories or frills, just a cool elegance.
  • Country house style: If you prefer a more rustic and atmospheric look, furniture made of real wood – preferably with grains – is just the thing for you. Warm colours and floral accents in textiles and decorations emphasise the romantic effect. 
  • Scandinavian style: This style is dominated by bright colours, solid wood and Nordic charm. Accessories made of natural materials such as fur, linen or wool additionally enhance the effect.

Which bedroom furniture do you need?

From absolute must-haves to optional home accessories: we’ve got designer items that no bedroom is complete without, as well as wonderful decorative elements that add a personal touch to your space.

Experience sleeping comfort at its best

The piece of furniture to which the bedroom owes its name is one of the most important items in the home. After all, what would life be without a good night’s sleep, something which you are sure to get in one of our comfortable beds? Browse through our selection and choose from single or double beds, sofa beds, futons or box-spring beds. Choose the bedroom furniture that suits you and will recharge your batteries for the next day.

Tasteful storage space

Our exquisite bedside tables give you a classy storage area for a reading lamp, books or glasses. Whether with or without drawers, single-coloured or stylishly painted like the colourful models from Established & Sons – you can choose your favourite based on your own individual preferences. For example, the cool storage container solutions from Kartell in a chic metallic look are dazzling eye-catchers.

Chic masterpieces for your clothes

Chests of drawers, highboards and tall cabinets – we have them all! Whether you would prefer a modular cabinet system from Müller Möbelwerkstätten or a simple storage cabinet from String – you decide which bedroom furniture goes in your relaxation zone and which doesn’t. The brand label MDF Italia also designs stunning models. Matt white painted surfaces simply exude laid-back elegance and the open drawers in the middle of the furniture are indicative of this successful Italian company’s unconventional design concept.

Small but beautiful accessories

Bed, cabinet and bedside table: think those are your only options when it comes to furnishing your bedroom? Think again! In our large online selection, you can order many other products in addition to the classic bedroom furniture that will create a pleasant ambience. How about cuddly, soft bed linen and enchanting decorative cushions, for example? But beware – you might become addicted! The chic designer blankets and covers score highly, not only thanks to their wonderful looks, but mainly because of the high-quality fabrics such as cotton and satin. These create an unparalleled feeling on your skin and will have you drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

In addition to the furnishings, atmospheric lighting also plays a major role in the quality of your sleep. A ceiling lamp with diffused light and flowing shapes, for example from Kundalini, creates a cosy atmosphere. Likewise, our charming bedside lamps, some of which are fitted with moveable lampshades, offer customised lighting options. What’s more, the models in our shop are true eye-catchers, even when turned off, as shown by the impressive works of art from Oluce.

Browse our wide range of bedroom furniture now and get some new ideas and inspiration for your furnishings and decorations. Order your favourite items today and have them delivered conveniently to your door!