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Gio Ponti

Gubi - Gio Ponti F.A.33 Rectangular Wall Mirror
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  • Black
Gio Ponti F.A.33 Rectangular Wall Mirror
6 weeks
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€ 999,00
Cassina - 646 Leggera Chair
  • White
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646 Leggera Chair
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€ 768,00
Gubi - Gio Ponti Randaccio Wall Mirror
  • GoldGold
Gio Ponti Randaccio Wall Mirror
6 weeks
from € 609,00
€ 699,00
Fontana Arte - Bilia Table Lamp
  • SilverSilver
Cassina - 646 Leggera Chair with Padded Seat
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
Gio Ponti was born in Milan, 1891. His father was Enrico Ponti and his mother was Giovanna Rigone.
Gio Ponti graduated with a degree in architecture in 1921 from the Milan Polytechnic, and set up a studio with the architects.
In 1921, he married Giulia Vimercati; they were to have four children and eight grandchildren.
From 1923 came his public debut at the first Biennial Exhibition of the Decorative Arts in Monza, which was followed by his involvement in organization of the subsequent Triennial Exhibitions on Monza and Milan.
In 1952 he went into interconnection with the architect Alberto Rosselli; after the death of Rosselli he continued to work with his long time partner Antonio Fornaroli.
His latest`s exhibition was at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI).
Gio Ponti died in 1979.