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Emma Silvestris

Emma Silvestris was born in Salerno/ Italy in 1962. After she had obtained a Bachelor of Arts, she was specialising in foreign literature and history of art, in which she subsequently worked as a teacher and researcher.
Since 1990 she has been working in the field of design, taking part in the activities of the Special Studio in Bari. As an eclectic and versatile designer, she combines soft, feminine lines, the precision of geometry, and classic elegance as well as the use of ancient symbols to create seemingly weightless designs.
Silvestris is consistently noted for her incorporation of these characteristics, creating pieces that blend with the natural world, and have an ancient or antique quality of inspiration that is translated through modern materials and processes.

Emma Silvestris designed the "Mediterraneo" collection for Alessi. The flowing and floating beauty of marine life is the inspiration for this Collection. The mediterraneo fruit bowl and its extraordinary success in 2006 prompted alessi to explore the potential for expanding this icon to new types of products.
Silvestris's unique designs offer a pleasing contrast to everyday household accessories.