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Bruno Mathsson

Bruno Mathsson was born to cabinet making. His father was the fifth generation in a family of master cabinet makers. It was natural that Bruno should follow in his father ’s footsteps and from an early age he was taught the necessary skills acquiring a well developed feeling for the characteristics of wood as well as a solid technical knowledge.
Bruno Mathsson was a striking artist, self-willed and stubborn. He lived with and for his art and never appeared to grow tired in his eagerness to create new furniture for a new time. In 1981, at seventy-four years of age, he created a workstation for computer users. The workstation is equipped with a so called ”wing” that supports the users shoulders. The last piece of furniture to leave Bruno Mathssons drawing-table was the easychair Minister in 1986. Following illness, Bruno Mathsson died in 1988 leaving behind a rich cultural heritage. His designs remain timeless. They are looked upon both as art and as utility goods whilst simultaneously being displayed in museums. To each new generation they appear modern, fresh and functional.