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String Living Room

String - Shelf 120x200cm
  • Brown
  • White
Shelf 120x200cm
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String - Storage Combo 78x200x30cm
  • White
Storage Combo 78x200x30cm
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String - Wall Cabinet 240x75cm
  • White
Wall Cabinet 240x75cm
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String - Wall Shelve 180x50cm
  • Brown
  • White
Wall Shelve 180x50cm
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String - Storage Combo 158x200x30cm
  • Beige
String - Wall Shelf 240x85x30cm
  • Grey
Wall Shelf 240x85x30cm
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String - Storage Combo 216x200x30cm
  • Grey
String - Shelf with Cabinet 140x200cm
  • White
String - Storage Combo 158x200x30cm
  • Grey

Design meets Zeitgeist: String shelves are a must-have in the living room

A home is more than the sum of its furniture. Only with the right interplay of materials, design and configuration ideas can you ensure charm and harmony. String shelves in the living room are the icing on the cake!

String shelves in the living room: exquisite design ideas for books and more

Even its inventor, Nisse Strinning, must have been surprised when his winning design String from 1949 experienced another huge surge of success at the turn of the millennium. String – the slender shelving system for every budget – was already a bestseller in the 50s and 60s. Today, with more than 15 awards and design prizes to its name, this is indisputable. The fact that the Zeitgeist of the 21st century reveres the String shelf for its stylish use in living and office spaces undoubtedly underlines its ingenious functionality, but also the timeless elegance of this design. So, if you want to redesign your living room and are looking for furniture that combines aesthetics and function, you can’t go wrong with the diversity of String Furniture. Elegant wood veneers, glass, mirrors, lacquered surfaces – there is almost nothing that String Furniture cannot come up with. Take your time and choose the right String shelf for your living room. This design classic will exude individuality and sustainability for decades to come. Happy planning!

String – a shelving system with many faces

“Everything should be made as simple as possible” – this quote from Albert Einstein perhaps best sums up what Nisse Strinning and his wife Kajsa have achieved with their design for a simple yet versatile shelving system. The complex requirement was to invent a flexible furniture system that gave its users versatility of use as well as the simple beauty of Scandinavian design, all of which resulted in the String shelf. Its secret lies in this very simplicity – which is sure to make it ideal for your living room design plans.

The modular parts of all String shelves for the living room are both simple and sophisticated. There are a whole host of colours and materials available to suit various requirements, and to integrate with existing sofas, side tables or small wooden furniture. It’s a good idea to stick to a similar shade of wood when choosing a String shelf for your living room. If you already have somewhat darker woods, the following veneer woods are the perfect match:

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Dark stained ash

String shelves are also made up of wall and floor ladders in beige, brown, white, grey or black. They look particularly slim and delicate, and are available in different heights and depths. In addition to shelves made of painted MDF or veneered wood, you can choose the following additions:

  • Slanted magazine holders
  • Drawer modules
  • Cabinet units with sliding doors

Even table tops can be integrated. This then gives you a clear computer workstation in your living space, surrounded by rows of colourful books. The idea of multitasking, which is currently such a challenge in our modern age, is thus something Strinning had already thought about in his designs over 70 years ago!

Design awards and quality features

The original String wall shelf has since been joined by a whole host of variations that were created by the old master himself as recently as 2006. First and foremost is the most recent addition, the String Pocket Regal, whose delicate design enhances almost every room, also providing order and structure. And of course, it goes without saying that a simple String shelving unit can easily be supplemented with more. There are almost no limits to the expandability of this legendary, Swedish-made design classic.

If you move house, for example, you can completely dismantle the String system and take it with you wherever you go. As an extra convenient feature, connecting two side panels one above the other is ingeniously simple – with just one dowel and one screw hole in the wall. Shelves and even large drawer and cabinet modules are very easy to hook into the wire ladders of the String shelving system thanks to sturdy metal clips. And, as they are fixed with just a light click, they can, of course, be removed or adjusted just as easily. With so much foresight and attention to detail, you can't go far wrong: choose String shelving for your living room and enjoy a world-class designer piece. Use the String Configurator from AmbienteDirect and create your very own custom String shelving system for your living room.

Mix of materials and colours

This global designer favourite is currently a real hit in both flats and houses, with a range of new colours and materials. String Furniture can be used to build a classic bookcase with floor ladders in one of the five standard colours, with the option of light oak, for example, for the shelves. If you also want to use it to store board games and the like, why not incorporate some String modules with drawers? Want to configure two walls in your living room with String shelves? Not a problem! Simply opt for two or three cabinet units with sliding doors hanging next to each other in addition to the bookcase. Once assembled, this gives the elegant effect of a sideboard and also allows you to store glasses, accessories such as candle holders, and personal items in it, for example. That way, you’ll always have everything that’s important to you on hand in your String shelf in the living room!

A shelf for every occasion: a sure-fire way to a unique feel in the living room

String shelves caused quite a stir in the design world shortly after their introduction in 1949, primarily due to the simplicity of their design. And String systems are still loved to this day for the same reason. They also offer a fascinating versatility and ensure a calm, elegant and simple appearance. Classic combinations including String shelves in the living room, as well as String Works for the office or in functional rooms such as the kitchen, hallway and bathroom, have made String systems a truly everlasting iconic object. Recently, the manufacturer has also provided a few ideas for weatherproof outdoor solutions for the garden, cellar and garage. As ever, these retain all the advantages of a typical String shelf:

  • They are simple to set up.
  • They are available with handy accessories and are relatively affordable.
  • Sustainable materials mean this classic can be passed on to the next generation.
  • Smart design helps to save resources.