String Hallway

String shoe racks and coat racks: timeless classics for the hallway

String shelves are a true work of art thanks to their minimalist design and high quality. They even cut a fine figure as an organisational aid in the hallway in the form of a shoe rack or coat rack. This modern classic is always the perfect fit!

String coat racks and shoe racks: perfect organisational aids on another level

When you come home after a long day at work, all you want to do is kick off your shoes and then collapse onto the sofa with relief. It’s a feeling of pure relaxation. Your own home is a refuge for your mind and body, and, to reach it, you’ll always enter through the hall. Simple in appearance and functional in nature, your hallway should offer you a warm welcome as soon as you enter. In theory, that is! If only all those shoes, bags and jackets weren’t in the way! These everyday necessities often end up heaped together on a coat stand that is almost collapsing under all that weight. But what if you could give your hallway the attention it deserves? Think outside the box, and plan your own attractive organisational aid with the help of a String coat rack. Its delicate appearance and enormous functionality is the perfect fit for your hallway. And why not order a custom String shoe rack, too, for your very own Swedish-style entrance area?

Strinning’s Swedish-look design classic fits in every hallway


The role of the hallway is often neglected in our houses and flats, and yet it is the first thing anyone sees when entering your home. We rarely give it the attention it deserves. So why not be daring and do something about your hallway right away? A new colour for the walls, warm lighting and a few personal decorative elements are the first step towards giving your hall a visual revamp. The hall might only be the icing on the cake in the grand scheme of things, but it performs some vital duties: it needs to accommodate several pairs of shoes, jackets for all weathers and practical accessories in a user-friendly way. And then you’ll also need space for your handbag, car keys, etc., so that you can easily find all your essentials whenever you need them.

Complex requirements call for simple solutions: why not add a String shelving system to your home and use its ingenious expertise to create an open shelf as a coat rack with an integrated shoe rack? The modular shelving system by Swedish architect Nisse Strinning has been grappling with the requirements of its users for over 70 years – and always comes out on top! Its impressive path to success has been paved with design prizes and awards, accompanying its journey from a simple shelf for books to a multifunctional all-rounder. String shelving systems are more than just a shelving solution, they adapt to your room or walls, just the way you want. String shelves score highly as coat racks thanks to their various individual parts. Some of the clear benefits include:

  • Space-saving and delicate appearance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be expanded at any time
  • Modular concept
  • Versatile


String shoe racks – space-saving and expandable

String Furniture offers a highly versatile range of options, including perforated metal shelves for displaying your favourite shoes in neat rows. Or, if you prefer, you can also use closed cabinet modules as a traditional shoe cupboard. These are great for hiding away anything that you’re not using in the current season, and can even be used to store scarves, shawls, gloves and other fashion accessories. Need additional drawers for purses, notepads, pens and useful little things? No problem! Simply add the matching module with drawers to your String coat rack. Why not mount two or three String shoe racks next to each other to form an aesthetic overall picture that makes your hallway into a stylish work of art?

String shelving systems are design classics with a future. They have been a success for 70 years, undergoing constant optimisation by the manufacturer String Furniture since 2006, and supplemented with even more useful components. The slanted shoe racks, for example, are visually attractive and can be easily hooked into the coloured side ladders, just like the aforementioned shelves. They are made of steel and provide a perforated surface that is absolutely scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Like all the individual parts of the String shelving world, you can choose from a variety of colours. Here’s an overview of the wide range of colour and material options available for String shoe racks:

  • Trays and shelves in veneered or painted MDF: either in oak, walnut, ash, black stained ash, beige, grey or white. Alternatively, these are available as an open wire frame or in perforated steel. 
  • Storage spaces made of ABS plastic: as an insert with three compartments, these can be used to store small items of any kind. They can even be filled with plants. The felt version is available in three colours (grey, beige, graphite).
  • Cabinet modules with doors: good for storing larger items or functional clothing, for example. These are available in oak, ash and white.
  • Cabinet modules with two drawers in two widths: for gloves, hats and small accessories. The trendy veneer woods or painted surfaces available include oak, ash, walnut, black stained ash, beige, grey and white.
  • Practical aids: coat rails and coat hooks


The String shelving system also includes many practical components that have been optimised with ingenious enhancements since the 1950s by Strinning himself and later by his successors. Choose between shelves with low and high edges for your String shoe rack, opt for glazed fronts for your cabinet modules as an alternative and decide between floor ladders and wall ladders of different heights to form the basic elements of the String system. Both ladder options are available in five classic colours: black, white, grey, beige and brown.

These are not only excitingly versatile, but can also be combined with all other elements. Individualists love String Furniture! Join the fun and launch our String Configurator. With its help, you can design your very own stunning coat rack in just a few clicks.

No time for that? Then why not order our pre-configured String shoe racks or String coat racks? Simply take a look online and marvel at our bestsellers. String Furniture’s shelving designs come in various pre-configured versions – some ceiling-high, some more delicate, but always versatile and beautiful!