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String Bathroom

String - Bathroom Wall Shelf 58x50x20cm
  • White
Bathroom Wall Shelf 58x50x20cm
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RRP € 340,00
String - Wall Shelf Bathroom 75x50x20cm
  • White
Wall Shelf Bathroom 75x50x20cm
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€ 736,00
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String shelving in the bathroom: the timeless organisational wonder

The highly acclaimed design classic is the perfect match in virtually every situation: String shelves even cut a fine figure in the bathroom. Even with the smallest floor space, there’s still room for Nisse Strinning’s floor or wall shelving solution.

String shelves in the bathroom: the iconic object for a grandiose statement

The internationally celebrated design classic, the String shelf, has firmly established itself as a firm favourite in bathrooms all over the world. The legendary design by architect Nisse Strinning has already won numerous awards and design prizes in the early 1950s. As demonstrated by the Italian “Compasso d’Oro”, the gold medal of the Milan Triennial and the German Design Award from 2016, Strinning’s shelving system has become an indispensable piece of designer furniture in living spaces. The colours, materials, dimensions and look of the String shelving systems are as popular as they were 70 years ago. What’s more, the design icon is right at home in even the smallest of rooms and goes with almost all styles and wall colours. With String Furniture you’re sure to find the right String shelf for your bathroom.

The modular system takes pride of place in even the smallest of rooms

For quite some time, bathrooms and their floor plans have always played a rather functional role in architecture. That’s why even today, just eight to ten square metres on average is given over to planning them, despite the fact that they are so much more than mere places to wash our hands or take a shower, and are in fact even more important for our bodies and minds. The variety of designs on offer when it comes to sanitaryware, tiles and fittings is unsurpassed, and the low-maintenance enamel surfaces of bathtubs and the like convince pragmatists and design lovers alike of the importance of the bathroom in our culture. These days, a sophisticated bathroom performs a balancing act between functionality and visual appeal. If you want to make more of your bathroom, then the String shelf is for you. It offers perfect solutions for storing your hygiene and care items in the bathroom and is a modern alternative to a bulky bathroom cabinet. Towels and a comfortable stool will turn even a mini-bathroom into a unique feel-good oasis. The versatile String shelving system is the elegant icing on the cake.

Tip: You can choose from two ready-made variants: the String storage combination with sliding doors and the String wall shelf for the bathroom. AmbienteDirect stocks both ready-configured models. With just a few clicks, you can add your item of choice to your shopping basket!

String shelf as a wall storage solution: a blend of materials for an even more stunning bathroom

Do you love an airy Scandinavian feel in your architecture and design? Are you looking for a strong organisational solution for your bathroom that is visually unobtrusive? Then use the String Configurator from AmbienteDirect. It can help you plan your own personal solution for the walls or niches in your bathroom in just a few clicks. For example, a String cabinet module with removable glass shelves and sliding doors made of mirror glass will provide ample space for makeup equipment, creams and much more. Perhaps your ideal bathroom needs a String wall shelf, or maybe even a floor-to-ceiling String model with floor ladders – the choice is yours! Of course, the tried-and-tested String shelving system gives you a host of choices when it comes to extra storage spaces. They can be made of any of the following materials:

  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Wood – walnut, oak, ash, black stained ash
  • Metal

If you choose open metal shelves, for example, you can opt for elegant and practical hooks and hanging rails from the String collection to match. It’s the perfect place to store hairdryers, towels and bathroom accessories. By saving space in this way, you may even have room for one or two small laundry baskets in the corner of your bathroom sanctuary.

Tip: String shelves for the bathroom are available in two depths – 20 cm and 30 cm. You can order side panels in metal, white, grey or black. The String Plex version features side panels made of colourless Plexiglas.

String Furniture provides organisational tools with potential

The fascinating thing about String shelving in the bathroom is that you can change, combine and expand your design classic at any time. The shelves can be repositioned on the wall ladders and adjusted in height in just a few steps. It’s no wonder this Strinning creation is protected by a patent! To this day, it is one of the best-selling shelving systems in the world. You can choose to buy your String bathroom shelf with the typical plastic-coated wire ladders in various heights and even with floor-to-ceiling ladders. For example, you can achieve a fantastic-looking stand-alone solution all in white or as an entire row of shelves – depending on how much space is available in the bathroom. But String Furniture’s best-seller is still the unobtrusive ladder shelf for the wall. The pre-configured small and narrow String Pocket Shelf is the last thing Strinning himself designed in 2005. It has a truly stunning effect, especially in light pastel shades, and as a wall shelf, it simply fits into any bathroom. Measure up your space and choose your perfect solution now!

String shelving for the bathroom and WC: quick to assemble, easy to expand

Why not start out small and get a String wall shelf for your WC or bathroom that meets all your basic requirements? This interior design classic grows with your needs and living arrangements. And, it is also very easy to assemble. Simply hook the veneered or matte/gloss-finish MDF shelves, closed cabinet elements or drawer modules into the plastic-coated wire ladders. To mount the String side panels:

  • Choose your wall.
  • Measure the distance between the hooks.
  • Mark the drill holes with a pencil.
  • After drilling, place the dowels.
  • Then hold the wall ladder in front of the holes.
  • Screw in the appropriate screws.
  • Once both side panels are hanging straight, hook in the shelves.

To create your very own String shelf in the bathroom, you’ll need the following tools: dowels, crosshead screws, screwdriver and spirit level.