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Stadler Form

Interior air at its most beautiful

Fill your life with colour and pleasure – with Stadler Form’s design appliances for improving air quality

Collections by Stadler Form

The Swiss company Stadler Form has been producing very special home appliances since the year 1998. The products by Stadler Form are designed so attractively that we like to present them in our homes and not hide them away in the cupboard as we might do with an “ordinary” household appliance. And this exactly was Martin Stadler's goal. He understood that most household appliances didn't look very beautiful and wanted to create domestic appliances that were shapely and pleasant to look at. These ingenious design household appliances were created with a lot of love for detail, and are now available in our online shop.

The first Stadler Form design object, the “Fred humidifier”, was designed in a garage in the year 1998. Meanwhile Stadler Form grew to become a successful company operating on an international level. The unyielding endeavour to create timeless, unique shapes and the best technologies made Stadler Form a strong, established brand.

All products by Stadler Form are developed and designed in Switzerland. Within the last 14 years the company has launched more than 23 design objects. Customers from 37 countries love and purchase Stadler Form designer household appliances.

The philosophy behind Stadler Form describes nothing less than an attitude towards life: “The way you live... is the way you feel.” Following this motto five designers created original Stadler Form home appliances. Among these are the Sepp fondue by Kurt Zimmerli, the Oskar humidifier by Matti Walker, and the Otto floor fan by Carlo Borer.

Besides these products you will find other designer creations by Stadler Form in our online shop, like the Fred humidifier, which received the “Prix des Découvertes” at the Maison et Objets Paris in the year 1999, and the Max fan heater, which received the “Accent On Design Award” at the International Gift Show in New York in the year 2002. We also carry the newest Stadler Form design product in our online shop: The Albert dehumidifier provides a healthy climate in your home. Let AmbienteDirect help you bring more design into your daily life with the Stadler Form designer appliances!