Richard Lampert

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Collections by Richard Lampert

First, the company Richard Lampert was only a carpenter, which was run by Karl Lampert in the 1980s. Over time, the small workshop grew under his son and grandson to be a handsome furniture factory, which at times employed over 150 employees.

When Richard Lampert entered the company in the 1970s, the company was in a bad economic situation. His father suffered a heart attack shortly thereafter and soon the bills could not be paid. Richard Lampert needed young designers. But it was not as easy to establish the first contact as he had imagined.

On a side programme at the Cologne furniture fair Richard Lampert came to know, among others, Maarten Van Severen. Van Severen presented Lampert with his latest idea. It was a sideboard made of solid aluminium. However, he did not like the draft because the shelf could not go into mass production and would therefore be an expensive single piece for wealthy clients only. And Lampert did not produce furniture for rich people.

Later, Richard Lampert met Eric Degenhardt at the same meeting at the Cologne Furniture Fair. Degenhardt's designs were also very unrealistic, but Richard Lampert still wanted to work with him. After several busy years, among other things, the chair "Cup" was created, which successfully established itself in the market.

Since then, the Richard Lampert design team has consisted of several young creative minds. These include, among others, Arik Levy, Patrick Frey, Markus Boge and Marco Dessi.

A furniture classic by Richard Lampert is the Eiermann 1 table frame, which impresses with its versatility and combination possibilities. For many years the Eiermann 1 table frame "disappeared" from the market. But Richard Lampert discovered it again.

The Eiermann 1 table frame was designed by Egon Eiermann in 1953. The original design has slanting cross braces that are on one level. Through this simple design Eiermann managed optimum stability and material use. And that's what makes the Eiermann 1 table frame, in addition to its superb design, so special.

In 1995, Richard Lampert received the manufacturing rights for the table frame from the Eiermann family. The company Richard Lampert has since produced the Eiermann 1 table frame in its original form, as well as a demountable version. Richard Lampert also offers the Eiermann 2 table frame from the year 1965. This product is also known as an Eiermann creation, although it is not from him. But it looks very similar to the original and is internationally known under this name.

The creations from Richard Lampert are timeless, yet current. They are traditional, but still technically advanced. Discover Richard Lampert design furniture for your home on AmbienteDirect! We have, among others, the Eiermann 1 table frame 110x66x78, the Eiermann 2 table frame 135x66x78 , the Eiermann 1 table centrical, the Eiermann 1 table eccentric and for your children the Eiermann children’s desk . Our sales team can help you make the right choice!