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Anonima Castelli

Anonima Castelli - Plia Folding Chair
  • TransparentTransparent
  • Pink
  • Grey
Anonima Castelli - Plona Folding Chair
  • Grey
  • TransparentTransparent
Anonima Castelli - Plia Wall Holder
  • White

Collections by Anonima Castelli

The manufacturer Anonima Castelli with his collections

As a producer, Anonima Castelli created first and foremost furniture with function. So the Anonima Castelli folding chair, which can be described as a patented work of art, was created. The Plia folding chair from the year 1968 is behind this product. It was designed by Italian designer Giancarlo Piretti and is still regarded as a unique piece. The design and the popularity of the chair are what got it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Originals of the model can be visited there.

Design and functionality

Anonima Castelli has taken the design of the chair and marketed the folding version for various home uses. Advantage of folding chairs: They can be easily and compactly folded away. Thus, they are only used when they are really needed. Discover the design possibilities of the Anonima Castelli furniture for yourself. Using these folding chairs for the storeroom would clearly be a waste. Opt for example for a wall mount. This way, they are not only to hand but the Anonima Castelli folding chair are in placed in the limelight in a special way.

Another special feature of the design includes the transparent materials. Thus, the Plia folding chair has become a true cult object and even today is shown in international collections in various arrangements. In terms of functionality, the sophisticated and flat folding mechanisms impress. Anonima Castelli stands for a simple system that can be easily used. This chair has written not only the company's history, but also design history and has been popular for a range of uses. Although it is only a folding chair, you will be quickly impressed by the comfort of it.