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The company Tecnolumen was founded by Walter Schnepel in the year 1980. Already a year earlier the Tecnolumen workshops had been working on their first product, the Wagenfeld table lamp from the year 1923/1924. This special lamp is also known as the “Bauhaus lamp” and is a design classic today. The license for the production of the re-editions of the Wagenfeld table lamp is owned solely by Tecnolumen.

For the realisation of the Wagenfeld table lamp's design Tecnolumen needed to catch up on a part of design development that had been paused between 1930 and 1950. Needed for this was a reversion to the beginnings of German product design. This meant that Tecnolumen worked a lot with the Bauhaus style and they made it their goal to produce other products with the same concept.

For all products created in the Bauhaus style the first and foremost concern is the intended purpose, then the material's properties and the production method. No other lamp bears witness to the Bauhaus style as the Wagenfeld table lamp by Tecnolumen. Wagenfeld's lamp is reduced to the essentials, bears excellent quality, and a timeless design. Tecnolumen also makes these demands to all of the product designs by their designers today.

Other than the Wagenfeld table lamp Tecnolumen produces many other design classics in the Bauhaus style. Part of the collection are creations by Marianne Brandt, Josef Albers, Gyula Pap, and Hans Przyrembel. Also the ingenious designs by Mart Stam, Egon Eiermann, Dieter Rams, Günther Leuchtmann, and other creative designers convinced the design manufacturer.

Through the years Tecnolumen's product selection became larger and larger. Later Tecnolumen also produced doorknobs and switches. The switches from the year 1988 are produced by Tecnolumen in cooperation with two established companies.

Design classics by Tecnolumen are the WNL30 multi-purpose lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the DMB 26/205 ceiling lamp and the Bauhaus teapot by Marianne Brandt. The Hungarian designer Gyula Pap designed another Tecnolumen design highlight in the year 1923: The BST Bauhaus floor lamp. These and other items by label Tecnolumen can be purchased in the online shop by

Enchant your living spaces with the beautiful lighting effects of the Egyptian Eye floor lamp or bring a fresh breeze into your home with the unique material-mix of the Trabant suspension lamp. Let yourself be inspired by the first-class design objects by label Tecnolumen! Explore our online shop and find your personal Tecnolumen highlight!

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€ 478,00*

WG 27 Wagenfeld Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 3.299,00*

EB 27 Buquet Desk Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 395,00*

Wagenfeld Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 699,00*

TON09 Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 519,00*

Selene Wall Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 689,00*

La Perle Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 297,00*

Art Déco Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 589,00*

Bulo Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 589,00*

Egyptian Eye Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 524,00*

ES 57 Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 444,00*

WNL 30 Bedside Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 2.598,00*

EB 28 Buquet Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 119,00*

Booklight Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 1.509,00*

BST Bauhaus Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

Tecnolumen - Bauhaus Ashtray - stainless steel
€ 139,00*

Bauhaus Ashtray by Tecnolumen

€ 699,00*

Baton Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 513,00*

STLWS Suspenion Lamp Ø40cm by Tecnolumen

€ 725,00*

STLWS 3 Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 560,00*

Bulo Suspension Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 629,00*

DMB 26/250 Ceiling Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 59,00*

Lightworm Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 625,00*

Trabant Concrete Suspended Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 1.709,00*

DSL 23 Bauhaus Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 835,00*

HMB 25/500 Bauhaus Suspension Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 354,00*

De Stijl Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 208,00*

HL 99 - Suspension Classique by Tecnolumen

€ 7.499,00*

Bauhaus Teapot by Tecnolumen

€ 389,00*

Flad LED Table Lamp by Tecnolumen

from € 525,00*

STLWS Suspenion Lamp Ø60cm by Tecnolumen

€ 999,00*

Wagenfeld Floor Lamp by Tecnolumen

€ 395,00*

SF 28 Table Lamp with hemisphere by Tecnolumen

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