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The Danish manufacturer Skagerak Denmark (formerly known as: Trip Trap Denmark) delights us with design furniture and accessories for the garden and our living areas ans had been doing so for over 30 years. Quality, tradition, and simple shapes are the Danish design label's trademarks. The most important material for the furniture by Skagerak is wood, and the manufacturer from far up North naturally takes care to only use certified wood. Long since wood – in combination with original shapes and discreet designs – has become the main distinguishing feature of the company.

Skagerak Denmark – designed for generations! The use of wood as their main material not only serves the design manufacturer Skagerak as corporate identity, but also fulfills many other purposes. The label's demands on outdoor and indoor design furniture as well as living accessories exceeds aesthetics and functionality by far. The Danish label greatly emphasises the value of sustainability and design furniture that brings joy to all generations. The most important Skagerak designs include the Cutter collection, consisting of a bench, different wardrobe and storage elements. Also the outdoor collection Skagen that banks on the maritime flair of white wood and durable materials is very popular. Parasols, hammocks, garden tables, planters, fire places, or accessories for indoors and outdoors – Skagerak Denmark has it all!

The down-to-earth label from Denmark's “green” environmental policy is reflected in their sustainably produced design furniture – the logging location of the materials for the Skagerak furniture as well as the production site and process are chosen with thoughtful deliberation! The majority of Skagerak Denmark products is produced in Thailand and Indonesia, and they take great care that the environmental burden and production of raw materials for the Skagerak designs are kept as low as possible.

What's more, design and construction of the Skagerak creations are always bound by the thought of environmental friendliness. The label always tries hard to waste as little wood as possible for the production of their furniture, and that packing and shipping are relatively easy. Even eventualities where damaged parts need to be replaced easily are taken into account by Skagerak Denmark's designers in the designing process. Maritime design for your life – Skagerak Denmark, by the way, until 2005 the label was called Trip Trap Denmark, makes it possible!

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€ 996,00*

Adria Garden Armchair 4-Piece Set by Skagerak

€ 657,00*

Vendia Garden Set by Skagerak

from € 1.899,00*

Skagen Outdoor Set 4 pieces by Skagerak

from € 249,00*

Cutter Stool by Skagerak

from € 259,00*

Riviera Sunbed by Skagerak

€ 3.395,00*

St. Thomas-Set Gardentable + 4 Chairs by Skagerak

€ 419,00*

Director's Chair Set by Skagerak

from € 886,00*

Grenen Garden Set by Skagerak

€ 109,00*

Skagerak Outdoor Blanket by Skagerak

from € 269,00*

Grenen Folding Chair by Skagerak

from € 479,00*

St. Thomas Poly Rattan Lounge Chair by Skagerak

€ 329,00*

Grenen Garden Armchair by Skagerak

€ 649,00*

Grenen Outdoor Bench by Skagerak

from € 1.099,00*

Drachmann Outdoor Bench by Skagerak

from € 96,00*

Catania Parasol Ø270 cm by Skagerak

from € 329,00*

Skagen Outdoor Armchair by Skagerak

from € 649,00*

Skagen Outdoor Table by Skagerak

from € 599,00*

Skagen Outdoor Bench by Skagerak

from € 449,00*

Georg Console Table by Skagerak

from € 65,00*

Skagerak Outdoor Cushion 50x50cm by Skagerak

€ 499,00*

Nautic Folding Table 85x85cm by Skagerak

€ 59,00*

Plint Bowl Set Of 4 by Skagerak

€ 249,00*

Dania Stepladder by Skagerak

€ 49,00*

Plint Bowl Set Of 3 by Skagerak

€ 111,00*

Pilot Clothes Hanger Set 3 pcs. by Skagerak


Steamer Deck Chair by Skagerak

from € 159,00*

Cutter Coat Rack 72 by Skagerak

€ 299,00*

Vendia Garden Table by Skagerak

€ 79,00*

Frame Bowl by Skagerak

€ 249,00*

Hide Storage Box by Skagerak

from € 211,00*

Fionia Stool by Skagerak

€ 69,00*

Cutter Box Small by Skagerak

€ 765,00*

Atlantis Parasol square by Skagerak

from € 649,00*

England Bench by Skagerak

€ 249,00*

Cutter Mini Wardrobe by Skagerak

from € 525,00*

Georg Bench by Skagerak

from € 89,00*

Georg Coat Rack by Skagerak

from € 49,00*

Georg Coat Hanger by Skagerak

€ 259,00*

Adria Garden Armchair by Skagerak

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