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Open up new perspectives – the Danish furniture manufacturer Muuto's name was inspired by the Finnish word „muutos“, which roughly translates to „new perspectives“. And how does Muuto do that? The answer is very simple: Muuto not only gives young talents a chance, but also builds on the expertise and know-how of Scandinavia's best designers, and gives them free rein to exploit their own creativity to the max. No matter how innovative the materials, unique the shapes, or new the colour concepts – Muuto goes new ways and positively turns the interior design industry upside down. Founded was Muuto by Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrges.

Muuto's products draw on traditions and reinterpret Scandinavian design. Top sellers like the Stacked shelving system adapt to your life and individual needs. An entire wall of bookcases or just a little bit of space under the roof slope – Stacked is exactly what you need it to be and the Mini Stacked shelf set offers storage room where you wouldn't have believed it possible. Also a great eye-catcher and practical helpers are The Dots hooks, that give every wardrobe or entrance area a playful touch.

For that special something in your home Muuto offers numerous living accessories. Especially colourful cushions like the Mingle cushions or the Soft Grid cushions – make your sofa extra comfy! By the way, the Rest sofa and modular Connect Lounge sofa are great examples of Muuto's cosy furniture.

Cosiness and a homey atmosphere are created by the lamps and lights by Muuto. From the classic suspension lamp over floor lamps to little table lamps Muuto offers the perfect illumination for every need. Space saving and with an industrial flair the E27 pendant lamp or the Mhy suspension lamp not only stand for purist, typically Scandinavian design, but also set great colourful accents in your home. A wonderful atmosphere is created by the Cosy in Grey table lamp. New in Muuto's lamp selection: The Leaf collection, designed by Broberg & Ridderståle for Muuto. This delicate lamp series includes the Leaf floor lamp as well as the Leaf table lamp in different colour versions.

If you like it romantic the candlesticks, candle holders, and little tealights by Muuto are our favourites: The More The Merrier candlestick, the Raw candelabra, or the Gloria candle holder. A perfect addition for a romantic candlelight dinner are the dining tables and crockery sets by Muuto, like the generous Adaptable table, perfect for friends and family, and the Bulky crockery set, that will carry your guests off into the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland and makes for a great contrast to the very reduced design of the dining table.

Make your dreams of the perfect home come true and let yourself be inspired by Muuto!

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Muuto - Stacked Regalsystem Set 2 - weiß/MDF lackiert/Holz/Modell 2 (siehe Abbildung)/1xklein+3xmittel+1xgroß
from € 320,00

Muuto Stacked Shelf-System White by Muuto

Muuto - Connect Lounge 2-Sitzer Sofa - rosa/Stoff Steelcut Trio 515/234x92cm
€ 2.890,00

Connect Lounge 2-Seater Sofa by Muuto

Muuto - Aktionsset Nerd Stuhl + Fell - eiche/Island Lammfell
€ 449,00

Promotion Set Nerd Chair + Fur by Muuto

Muuto - Bulky Teetassen Set - weiß / 2 Stück/H: 6cm/Porzellan
€ 29,00

Bulky Tea Cup Set by Muuto

Muuto - Stacked Regalsystem Esche/weiß Set 4 - weiß/esche/bestehend aus ings. 5 Einzelfächern/davon 2 in Esche und 3 in weiß ohne Rückwand
from € 349,00

Muuto Stacked Shelf System Ash Tree/White by Muuto

Muuto - Muuto Pull Stehleuchte - weiß/Gestell Eschenholz/H: 151cm/Schirm höhenverstellbar/ dimmbar
€ 399,00

Muuto Pull Floor Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Corky Karaffe - transparent/1L/H: 22cm
€ 39,00

Corky Carafe by Muuto

Muuto - Soft Grid Kissen 50x50cm - lila
€ 79,00

Soft Grid Cushion 50x50cm by Muuto

Muuto - The Dot L Kleiderhaken - gelb/matt/Ø 17cm
€ 24,90

The Dot L Hooks by Muuto

Muuto - Bulky Teekanne - weiß/H: 30cm/Porzellan
€ 69,00

Bulky Tea Pot by Muuto

Muuto - Visu Stuhl mit Holzgestell - khaki grün/esche - lackiert
€ 299,00

Visu Chair With Wood Frame by Muuto

Muuto - Connect Lounge 3-Sitzer Sofa - hellgrau/Steelcut Trio 133/326x92cm/ohne Dekokissen
from € 3.985,00

Connect Lounge 3-Seater Sofa by Muuto

Muuto - Stacked 3 Einzelfach Weiß - weiß/MDF lackiert/Größe 3/ohne Rückseite/65,4 x 43,6 x 35cm
from € 89,00

Muuto Stacked Single Pieces White by Muuto

Muuto - Cosy In White Tischleuchte - weiß/opal/Größe 1/Ø25,4cm
from € 149,00

Cosy In White Table Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Studio Pendelleuchte - grau/Ø39cm/H: 29cm
€ 299,00

Muuto Studio Suspension Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Around Kaffeetisch klein - grau/Ø 45cm
€ 319,00

Muuto Around Coffee Table small by Muuto

Muuto - Mhy Pendelleuchte - gelb/matt/Ø 20cm
€ 159,00

Muuto Mhy Suspension Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Reflect Sideboard - eiche/Holz/180x40x69cm
€ 2.950,00

Muuto Reflect Sideboard by Muuto

Muuto - Cosy In Grey Tischleuchte - grau/Ø 24cm/H: 32cm
€ 199,00

Cosy In Grey Table Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Around Beistelltisch groß - eiche
€ 499,00

Around Coffee Table big by Muuto

Muuto - The Dots Kleiderhaken Set - eiche natur/matt/Größen 3x S, 1x M, 1x L/S Ø9cm, M Ø13cm, L Ø17cm
€ 99,50

The Dots Hooks Set by Muuto

Muuto - Rest Sofa 3 Sitzer - hellgrau/Stoff Hallingdal 123/260x93x75cm
from € 3.190,00

Muuto Rest 3 Seater Sofa by Muuto

Muuto - E27 Pendant Lamp Pendelleuchte - grün/Ø 22cm
€ 59,00

E27 Pendant Lamp by Muuto

Muuto - Oslo 3-Sitzer Sofa - rot/Stoff Steelcut 2 550/RAL 3016
€ 3.195,00

Oslo 3-Seater Sofa by Muuto

Muuto - Oslo Pouf/Hocker - rot/Stoff Steelcut 2 550/RAL 3016
€ 1.150,00

Oslo Pouf/Stool by Muuto

Muuto - Oslo Sessel - rot/Stoff Steelcut 2 550/RAL 3016
€ 1.750,00

Oslo Armchair by Muuto

Muuto - Reflect Sideboard klein - eiche/Holz/105x40x69,4cm
€ 1.995,00

Muuto Reflect Sideboard Small by Muuto

Muuto - Muuto Reflect Kommode - eiche/Holz/74x42x100cm/3 Schubladen
€ 2.295,00

Muuto Reflect Cabinet by Muuto

Muuto - Varjo Neuseeland-Wollteppich 200x300cm - blau/Neuseeland-Wolle/handgewebt
€ 795,00

Varjo New Zealand Wool Rug 200x300cm by Muuto

Muuto - Varjo Neuseeland-Wollteppich 170x240cm - blau/Neuseeland-Wolle/handgewebt
€ 595,00

Varjo New Zealand Wool Rug 170x240cm by Muuto

Muuto - Loom throw Baumwolldecke  - blau/100% Baumwolle/180x130cm/handgewebt
€ 95,00

Loom throw Cotton Blanket by Muuto

Muuto - Muuto Wicker Brotkorb - blau/matt/22x22x6cm
€ 29,00

Muuto Wicker Bread Basket by Muuto

Muuto - Corky Gläser Set 4tlg. - transparent/200ml/ H: 8,5cm/4 Gläser
€ 35,00

Corky Glass Set Of 4 by Muuto

Muuto - Connect Mittelteil  - hellgrau/Steelcut Trio 113/L x B: 117x92cm
from € 1.195,00

Connect Sofa Center Elements by Muuto

Muuto - Connect Sofa Armlehne links - hellgrau/Steelcut Trio 133/117x92cm
from € 1.345,00

Connect Sofa Elements by Muuto

Muuto - Bulky Milchkännchen - weiß/H: 6cm/Porzellan
€ 35,00

Bulky Milk Jug by Muuto

Muuto - Muuto Flow Vase/Gefäß 1350ML  - weiß/Ø13.5cm/H: 24,5cm
from € 39,00

Muuto Flow Vase by Muuto

Muuto - Visu Stuhl mit Kufengestell - grau/esche - lackiert/Gestell eiche
€ 229,00

Visu Chair With Skid Legs by Muuto

Muuto - Muuto Match Teelichthalter
€ 14,00

Muuto Match Tealight Holder by Muuto

Muuto - Plus Salz/Pfeffermühle - weiß
€ 59,00

Plus Salt Mill / Pepper Mill by Muuto

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