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Admittedly, the Italian company Kundalini was founded in 1996, but today already counts as one of the leading lighting manufacturers worldwide.

Kundalini commissioned famous designers for their impressive lighting creations – Karim Rashid, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, or Paolo Navone are only a few names that supported Kundalini on their way to success. But the lamps not only convinced us with their functional aspects: They illuminate rooms in a downright spectacular fashion – and are even eye-catchers when they are switched off. This is usually due to their sculptural character that lets the Kundalini lamps look like pieces of art.

One of the most famous designs by the Italian lighting manufacturer is the Abyss table lamp, especially because of its unique, organic shape. It combines bending Plexiglas with a high voltage LED strip. This way it can be coiled around itself, stand upright like a sculpture, or lie flat on the ground. The Shakti 250 floor lamp is one of the most copied lamps of all times. However, the special thing about the original is its unique manufacturing process, called Co-Extrusion. This makes the light emitted by the lamp body always shine white – even if the lamp itself is actually coloured.

In the meantime the Yoga floor lamp or products from the E.T.A or Atomium collections are known worldwide and viewed as renowned designer objects. The latter addresses the physic's smallest known form of existence: The atom. So it's no wonder Kundalini lamps are also exceptionally popular in the world of media and can be found in numerous international film productions.

Kundalini continuously researches intensively on the processing of new materials – today the name stands for unique lamp design and innovative manufacturing technologies, pioneers in the entire industry. Some of the most important research results are the aforementioned Co-Extrusion and Selective Laser Sintering – a process that turns a source material in powder form into three-dimensional structures by sintering.

Beauty, sensuality, individuality – three features that accompany every single lamp by manufacturer Kundalini in perfection.

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from € 479,00*

Shakti 200 Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 489,00*

Atomium Outdoor Floor lamp by Kundalini

€ 940,00*

E.T.A. Floor Lamp by Kundalini

from € 589,00*

Shakti 250 Floor Lamp by Kundalini

from € 393,00*

Shakti Wall Lamp by Kundalini

€ 1.290,00*

Clover Suspension Lamp by Kundalini

from € 343,00*

Spillo Outdoor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 279,00*

Atomium Wall Lamp by Kundalini

€ 2.652,00*

E-Turn Bench by Kundalini

from € 532,00*

Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp by Kundalini

from € 308,00*

Dew Suspension Lamp by Kundalini

from € 198,00*

Pixel Wall / Ceiling Lamp by Kundalini

from € 1.348,00*

Kyudo Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 449,00*

Atomium Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 139,00*

Chakra M wall lamp by Kundalini

€ 271,00*

Evita LED Wall Lamp by Kundalini

from € 188,00*

Frame Wall Lamp by Kundalini

from € 315,00*

Noglobe Table Lamp by Kundalini

from € 999,00*

Evita Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 344,00*

Linea 1 LED Table Lamp by Kundalini

€ 271,00*

Evita Wall Lamp by Kundalini

from € 310,00*

Gherkin Table Lamp by Kundalini

€ 260,00*

Mirage Table Lamp by Kundalini

from € 347,00*

Padma Lamp by Kundalini

€ 587,00*

Floob Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 492,00*

Luminal Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 364,00*

Abyss Table Lamp by Kundalini

€ 1.056,00*

Bokka Table Lamp by Kundalini

€ 254,00*

Morphie Wall Lamp by Kundalini

€ 388,00*

E.T.A. Baby Table lamp by Kundalini

€ 341,00*

Alone Lamp by Kundalini

€ 1.969,00*

Hara Chair by Kundalini

from € 344,00*

Noglobe Ceiling Lamp by Kundalini

€ 383,00*

Floob Suspension Lamp by Kundalini

€ 387,00*

Spillo Floor Leuchte by Kundalini

€ 645,00*

Sama Floor Lamp by Kundalini

from € 218,00*

Shakti Wall Fix Wall Lamp by Kundalini

from € 653,00*

La La Lamp Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 915,00*

Yoga Floor Lamp by Kundalini

€ 382,00*

Treis Suspension Lamp by Kundalini

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