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Since the 1950s the label Kartell has been manufacturing plastic furniture – and as pioneer has been fighting for the equality of their characteristic material. With success! Plastic as a material for furniture has moved into our living spaces and it has become hard to imagine our homes without the mostly very colourful chairs, shelves, tables, and living accessories!

Kartell was founded in the year 1949 by Giulio Castelli, chemist by trade and well versed in the research of new materials. After Castelli first developed plastic parts for automobiles and lights, and replaced glass objects in the laboratory equipment with plastic parts he also started designing furniture for interior furnishing purposes in the 1960s. From this point in time on Kartell's success story was unstoppable.

Just as innovative as the materials by Kartell were their designs: futuristic, modern, with trendy elements, intense colours, but super functional at the same time. A special asset of the Kartell products: Tables, chairs, stools, containers, and living accessories are not only extremely robust and durable, but also super lightweight.

In cooperation with well known designers like Philippe Starck, Maarten van Severen, Piero Lissoni, Ron Arad, Ronan, and Erwan Bouroullec or Michele de Lucchi Kartell created numerous designer furniture made of plastic in the past 50 years that advanced to the status of best sellers in the meantime, including the stylish Masters Chair, as well as the Louis Ghost armchair by Philippe Starck, the popular modular system Componibili by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, and the colourful Spoon series by Antonio Citterio.

In the course of several years Kartell reached not only national, but also international renown and was nominated for different design awards countless times. Kartell won the much sought-after design award "Compasso d'Oro" a total of nine times, among others with the Mobil Container and the Bubble Club Sofa.

In the past ten years Kartell has reinforced its position as market leader in the area furnishing and furniture design made of plastic: Today there are 120 Kartell flagship stores and 180 store-in-store shops. Kartell products are sold in 96 countries.

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€ 171,00*

Masters Chair by Kartell

€ 181,00*

Cindy Table Lamp by Kartell

from € 60,00*

Componibili 1 Round Modular Elements by Kartell

€ 660,00*

Masters Chair 4 piece Set by Kartell

from € 111,00*

Componibili 3 Container by Kartell

€ 729,00*

Bubble Club Sofa Promotion Set by Kartell

from € 79,00*

Componibili 2 Container by Kartell

€ 368,00*

Bourgie Copper Table Lamp by Kartell

€ 539,00*

Maui Chair Set of 4 by Kartell

€ 895,00*

Louis Ghost Armchair 4-pieces-set by Kartell

€ 284,00*

Bookworm 7 Shelf by Kartell

€ 460,00*

Bubble Club Armchair by Kartell

from € 238,00*

Bourgie Table Lamp by Kartell

€ 489,00*

Bubble Club Armchair Promotion Set by Kartell

€ 257,00*

Taj Mini Metallic LED Table Lamp by Kartell

€ 171,00*

Componibili 2 Metallic Container by Kartell

€ 225,00*

Componibili 3 Metallic Container by Kartell

from € 86,00*

Dune Metallic Tray by Kartell

€ 235,00*

Stone Metallic Stool by Kartell

from € 316,00*

Bloom Metallic Ball Suspension Lamp by Kartell

from € 273,00*

Rifly Metallic LED Suspension Lamp by Kartell

€ 372,00*

Maui Soft Armchair by Kartell

€ 494,00*

Maui Soft Office Chair With Armrests by Kartell

from € 430,00*

Maui Table Rectangular/Square by Kartell

€ 193,00*

FL/Y Icon Suspension Lamp by Kartell

€ 722,00*

Ghost Buster Dresser by Kartell

€ 749,00*

Victoria Ghost Chair Set of 4 by Kartell

€ 172,00*

Taj Mini LED Table Lamp by Kartell

from € 318,00*

Taj LED Table Lamp by Kartell

€ 196,00*

Only Me Mirror 50x70 by Kartell

€ 83,00*

Matelassé Vase by Kartell

from € 1.499,00*

Spoon Table 200cm by Kartell

€ 180,00*

Maui Chair With Armrest by Kartell

€ 39,00*

Kartell Wastebasket by Kartell

from € 54,00*

Dune Tray by Kartell

€ 477,00*

Spoon Chair by Kartell

€ 253,00*

Upper Step Ladder by Kartell

Kartell - Charles Ghost Stool 65cm - transparent/seat height 65cm
from € 175,00*

Charles Ghost Stool 65cm by Kartell

€ 428,00*

Dr. Na Table by Kartell

€ 169,00*

Front Page News Rack by Kartell

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