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Design and innovation – these two principles are the foundation of furniture and garden furniture manufacturer Kettal since the company's founding in 1964. They are surely also the reason why Kettal engages world-famous designers for the development of new products: The furniture and garden furniture collections designed by Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerlius, Jasper Morrison, or Emiliana Design Studio set high standards concerning creativity and individuality.
From these collaborations stem many collections by Kettal, which are all distinguished by the high quality, timelessness, and functionality of their products. Park Life convinced us with its longevity and straight-forward design, as can be seen with the Park Life sunlounger designed by Jasper Morrison.
Bitta wonderfully plays with the materials aluminium, polyester, teak wood and stone. In the same way the Bitta daybed combines a frame made of aluminium with a seat made of polyester cords.
And Landscape delights all, who want to take part in designing their garden furniture: Pergolas can be entirely configurated and furniture made of aluminium personalised as desired. Especially the Landscape armchair is a timeless classic.
The company not only produces uniquely beautiful garden chairs, garden benches, sun loungers, outdoor sofas, and garden tables – also accessories like planters, outdoor carpets, outdoor lamps, and fireplaces are part of the stylish Kettal selection.
Shortly after the turn of the millennium Kettal, who have their HQ and home in Barcelona, purchased the brands Hugonet, Triconfort, and Evolutif. Ever since they operate as corporation under the name Grupo Kettal. The company, famous for its timeless and innovative furniture and garden furniture, places great value on extensive research for the development of new collections – this guarantees modern and high-quality products, that are always up to date with the newest technology.
Kettal is also concerned about the topic of environmental protection: For their furniture and garden furniture they solely use eco-friendly, low-pollution, and recyclable lacquers, as well as wood from certified cultivators. The production takes place in Spain, France, and China
Timeless, innovative, expressive, and functional – this is what we would call the design highlights by Kettal. If you choose any of these products, you prove a sense of creativity and exclusivity. Don't miss out on a chance to own unique garden furniture – it is so cosy and comfortable that it could even belong in your living room!
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Kettal - Park Life Loungetisch  - Platte Marmor weiß/Gestell weiß/Größe 2/220x94x74cm
from € 2.302,00

Park Life Lounge Table by Kettal

Kettal - Net Armlehnstuhl / Gartenstuhl - Polyestergeflecht braun/Gestell schwarz/inkl. Sitz-Rückenkissen Natte Beige
from € 398,00

Net Armchair / Garden Chair by Kettal

Kettal - Bitta Gartenstuhl / Armlehnstuhl - Natte Beige 582/inkl. Sitz- und Rückenkissen
€ 899,00

Bitta Garden Chair / Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - Maia Egg Hängesessel - dunkelgrau manganese/chestnut/inkl. 1 Sitz- u. 2 Rückenkissen anthrazit/Natte Sooty 585
from € 3.596,00

Maia Egg Swing / Hanging Chair by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life Esstisch Aluminium  - 130 Sanded Warm White/Gestell weiß/160 x 94cm
from € 2.072,00

Park Life Dining Table Aluminium 160x94cm by Kettal

Kettal - Vieques Esstisch  - Teak/Holz/Gestell Teak 902/160x101x74cm
from € 2.466,00

Vieques Dining Table Teak 160x101cm by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life niedriger Sessel - weiß/Gestell weiß
from € 832,00

Park Life Low Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - Vieques Esstisch - 131 Sanded Taupe/Gestell manganese schwarz/160x101cm
from € 2.074,00

Vieques Dining Table 160x101cm by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life Esstisch Marmor 160x94cm - Platte Marmor weiß/Gestell manganese schwarz
from € 2.423,00

Park Life Dining Table Marble by Kettal

Kettal - Objects Outdoor Außenleuchte / Stehleuchte - weiß/Nur für Energiesparlampen max. 60W/55W/ohne Leuchtmittel
from € 1.399,00

Objects Outdoor Floor Lamp by Kettal

Kettal - Maia Armlehnstuhl / Gartenstuhl - schwarz/chestnut/Gestell manganese schwarz
from € 685,00

Maia Dining Armchair / Garden Chair by Kettal

Kettal - Maia Relax Sessel / Gartensessel - weiß/Gestell weiß
from € 1.375,00

Maia Relax Armchair / Garden Chair by Kettal

Kettal - Vieques Esstisch  - 131 Sanded Taupe/Gestell Teak 902/270x101x74cm
from € 3.608,00

Vieques Dining Table teak 270x101cm by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Beistelltisch - Teak/Gestell manganese schwarz
€ 445,00

Landscape Side Table teak by Kettal

Kettal - Village Outdoor Gartentisch 160 - 130 Sanded Warm White/160 x 94cm
€ 1.875,00

Village Outdoor Garden Table 160 by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Gartenliege  - Cendre/Gestell manganese schwarz/192x72cm
€ 724,00

Landscape Sunlounger by Kettal

Kettal - Maia Barhocker  - schwarz/chestnut/Gestell manganese schwarz
€ 827,00

Maia Barstool by Kettal

Kettal - Net Bistrotisch - teak/Holz/Gestell manganese schwarz
€ 1.291,00

Net Bistro Table by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life Sonnenliege - weiß/Gestell white
from € 1.796,00

Park Life Sunlounger by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Tablett - weiß
€ 339,00

ZigZag Tray by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life Beistelltisch - Platte Marmor weiß/Gestell white
€ 1.991,00

Park Life Side Table by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Öllampe - schwarz
€ 165,00

ZigZag Oil Lamp by Kettal

Kettal - Vieques Esstisch - Teak/Holz/Gestell manganese schwarz/270x101cm
from € 3.297,00

Vieques Dining Table 270x101cm by Kettal

Kettal - Park Life Club Sessel - schwarz/Auflage grau laminate/Gestell manganese schwarz
€ 1.571,00

Park Life Club Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - Vieques Schaukelstuhl - grau/inkl. Sitz-Rückenkissen/Gestell dunkelgrau manganese
€ 1.558,00

Vieques Rocking Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - Objects Teppich - braun/grau/weiß/294x200cm
from € 1.179,00

Objects Outdoor Carpet by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Pavillon  - Gestell weiß/inkl. 1 Rollo naturweiß/inkl. 2 Vorhängen hellgrau/inkl. Cedernholz Decke
€ 13.788,00

Landscape Pavilion by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Pflanzenbehälter medium - schwarz / HxØ 53x72cm
€ 975,00

ZigZag Planter Medium by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Clubsessel - dunkelgrau manganese/schwarz/Armlehnen teak/inkl. Kissen schwarz/Natte Sooty 585
from € 1.129,00

Landscape Club Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Pflanzenbehälter groß - schwarz / HxØ 76x101cm
€ 1.775,00

ZigZag Planter Large by Kettal

Kettal - Via Beistelltisch - dunkelbraun Rust Sand/Gestell manganese schwarz/45x45cm
from € 306,00

Landscape Side Table by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Hocker - Polyestergeflecht schwarz/inkl. Sitzkissen Natte grau 755
from € 775,00

ZigZag Footrest / Stool by Kettal

Kettal - Kettal Raumteiler  - schwarz / 178x216cm/Gestell manganese schwarz
from € 2.363,00

Kettal Room Divider by Kettal

Kettal - ZigZag Feuerstelle - schwarz/Gestell manganese schwarz/Ø 90cm
€ 1.942,00

ZigZag Fire Place by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Schaukelstuhl - schwarz/Kufen und Armlehnen braun/Kissen anthrazit Natte Sooty 585
€ 1.595,00

Landscape Rocking Armchair by Kettal

Kettal - Landscape Esstisch / Gartentisch  - schwarz manganese/Glas matt finish/Gestell manganese schwarz/362x100cm
€ 4.175,00

Landscape Dining Table / Garden Table by Kettal

Kettal - Bitta Daybed - braun/Gestell schwarz/inkl. 1Sitz- und 4 Rückenkissen in beige
€ 4.166,00

Bitta Daybed by Kettal

Kettal - Bitta 2-Sitzer Outdoor Sofa - braun/inkl. Sitzkissen Stoff Natte beige Laminate/inkl. 4 Kissen Natte Beige Laminate
€ 3.842,00

Bitta 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa by Kettal

Kettal - Bitta Club Sessel / Gartensessel - braun/inkl. Sitz- und 2 Rückenkissen
€ 2.299,00

Bitta Club Armchair / Garden Chair by Kettal

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