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„Elettro Meccanica Umbra“ – this is the full name of the Italian company, whose sole task after its founding in 1951 was building gears for the military. But when the 1960s saw more and more desire for the beautiful things in life and the Italians rediscovered their love for gardens and gardening, Emu began producing weather-resistant designer furniture for outdoors.

As one of the first companies internationally Emu patented the exclusive coating of metal with plastic, which makes their products extremely weather-proof. They are “made in Italy” and therefore comply with the highest standards of quality. Even the luxury hotel industry appreciates this and tends to choose Emu to furnish their terraces with high-quality outdoor furniture.

Because product lines with seating furniture, loungers, ensembles, tables, and accessories are available in different materials – like metal, EMU wicker fibre, and teak metal – Emu is able to fulfill every price and design wish with the use of the most modern technologies. Thanks to this diversification and their high production capacity Emu can cover a large market segment that reaches all the way from a broad distribution into the luxury division. The strategy works – with more than 1,000,000 produced items per year Emu is globally the largest manufacturer of outdoor furniture made of metal.

The products are still manufactured in the factory in Marsciano (Umbria), where the company conducts immense research and development efforts concerning the materials used and the utilised production methods. This way Emu keeps improving their metal processing know-how, for which it is internationally renowned.

Emu lets famous international stars design their characteristic and emotional design collections, like Rodolfo Dordoni, Paola Navone, Arik Levy, Jean-Marie Massaud, Carlo Colombo, Patricia Urquiola, or Christophe Pillet. Products like the Re-Trouvé armchair, the Heaven side table, the Intrecci sofa, or the Pattern stool carry their signature. The company celebrated a huge success in the year 1966 when introducing the Rio chair: Over night they sold over eight million of them. Also don't miss out on the new deck chairs Snooze and Bahama, as well as the collections Ronda and Round by Emu.

Emu – a globally established designer furniture and style brand, Italian design how we love it!

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emu - Bahama Liegestuhl - beige/Gestell antikeisen
€ 99,00

Bahama Deckchair by emu

emu - Yard Gartenstuhl - schwarz/Gestell schwarz
€ 229,00

Yard Garden Chair by emu

emu - Yard Gartenarmlehnstuhl - natur/Gestell pistaziengrün
€ 249,00

Yard Garden Armchair by emu

emu - Yard Garten-Loungesessel - schwarz/Gestell schwarz
€ 320,00

Yard Garden Lounge Chair by emu

emu - Snooze Liegestuhl - laguna türkis/Gestell grün matt
€ 164,00

Snooze Deckchair by emu

emu - Snooze Regiestuhl - laguna türkis/Gestell blau matt
€ 149,00

Snooze Director's Chair by emu

emu - Shine Beistelltisch Outdoor - Teak/matt/Gestell weiß
from € 389,00

Shine Lounge Table Outdoor by emu

emu - Ivy Gartentisch  - weiß/274x113,5x75cm/wetterfest/bis 100kg belastbar
€ 1.790,00

Ivy Garden Table by emu

emu - Yard Gartentisch  - türkis/Gestell türkis/Ø 40cm / H: 40cm
€ 179,00

Yard Garden Table/ Side Table by emu

emu - Mia Gartenset - weiß/2 Stühle 1 Tisch Ø 80cm
€ 759,00

Mia Garden Set by emu

emu - Ronda Stuhl 4er Set - weiß/Stahl/stapelbar/ohne Armlehne
€ 305,00

Ronda Chair 4-piece Set by emu

emu - Round Gartenstuhl 4er Set - weiß/Stahl/4 Stück
€ 569,00

Round Garden Chair 4-piece Set by emu

emu - Pattern Gartenstuhl mit Armlehnen - weiß
€ 239,00

Pattern Garden Armchair stackable by emu

emu - Heaven Stuhl - weiß
from € 260,00

Heaven Garden Chair by emu

emu - Re-Trouvé Sessel - weiß
€ 580,00

Re-Trouvé Armchair by emu

emu - Heaven Armlehnstuhl - aluminium
€ 279,00

Heaven Garden Armchair by emu

emu - Heaven Tisch - weiß/Glas transparent/Größe 1/Ø80cm
from € 640,00

Heaven Table by emu

emu - Re-Trouvé Beistelltisch - rot/Metall
€ 335,00

Re-Trouvé Side Table / Stool by emu

emu - Pigalle Armlehnstuhl - weiß/lackiert
€ 210,00

Pigalle Armchair by emu

emu - Snooze Fußhocker - laguna türkis/Gestell grün matt
€ 69,00

Snooze Footstool by emu

emu - Aero 024 Barhocker - aluminium/lackiert
€ 179,00

Aero 024 Bar Stool by emu

emu - Golf Gartenstuhl - weiß matt
€ 99,00

Golf Garden Chair by emu

emu - Golf Outdoor Armlehnstuhl - aluminium
€ 109,00

Golf Outdoor Armchair by emu

emu - Shine Sessel Outdoor - weiß/matt
€ 350,00

Shine Garden Lounge Chair by emu

emu - Holly Beistelltisch - weiß/Gestell weiß glänzend/LxBxH 44x45x43cm
€ 140,00

Holly Side Table by emu

emu - Shade Sonnenschirm 250x250cm - weiß/Gestell Aluminium/ohne Schirmständer/sechseckig
from € 399,00

Shade Parasol by emu

emu - Shade Sonnenschirm mit Seitenmast 300x324cm - weiß/Gestell Aluminium/ohne Fuß/inkl. Schutzhülle
from € 1.600,00

Shade Parasol With Side Mast by emu

emu - emu Magnetisches Kissen quadratisch - weiß/39x37cm
€ 28,00

emu Magnetic Cushion Square by emu

emu - emu Magnetisches Kissen rund - weiß/Ø38cm
€ 28,00

emu Magnetic Cushion Round by emu

emu - emu Magnetisches Kissen rechteckig - anthrazit/40x28cm
from € 24,00

emu Magnetic Cushion Rectangular by emu

emu - Segno Gartenbank 128x59cm - weiß/matt
€ 390,00

Segno Garden Bench 128x59cm by emu

emu - Segno Gartenbank 168x59cm - weiß/matt
€ 420,00

Segno Garden Bench 168x59cm by emu

emu - Premium Soft Ware Kissen 40x40cm - blau gestreift/Muster Rigato
€ 75,00

Premium Soft Ware Cushion 40x40cm by emu

emu - Ala Gartenarmlehnstuhl - weiß
€ 178,00

Ala Garden Chair by emu

emu - Ivy Armlehnstuhl - türkis
€ 215,00

Ivy Armchair by emu

emu - Heaven Beistelltisch Ø120 - weiß/lackiert/Tischplatte rauchgrau
€ 930,00

Heaven Side Table Ø120cm by emu

emu - 516 Pattern Gartentisch  - weiß
€ 670,00

516 Pattern Garden Table 160x87cm by emu

emu - 479 Round Auszieh-Gartentisch 100x160cm - weiß/lackiert/ausziehbar auf 214 und 268 cm
€ 1.540,00

479 Round Garden Table adjustable by emu

emu - Mia Stuhl - weiß/matt
€ 205,00

Mia Chair by emu

emu - Mia Armlehnstuhl - weiß/matt
€ 215,00

Mia Armchair by emu

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