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The label Driade was founded in 1968 in Piacenta. Originally Driade was a family-run company with Enrico Astori, his wife Adelaide Acerbi, and Enrico's sister Antonia Astori at the top. Since the very beginning the furniture and design manufacturer from Italy sees itself as a creative workshop that greatly emphasises inspiring teamwork with international designers. The goal of the label is to discover ever new trends and fields to research.

The company philosophy in a nutshell can be described with “feel good at home”, stemming from the conviction that eclecticism, a variety of cultures, curiosity, and surprises are the most important components of our social life today. The label Dirade produces furniture for indoors as well as outdoors.

The design furniture by Driade, produced since the 1990s, is especially created for a younger, more price-conscious audience. The products by Driade  convince us with their simple, expressive shapes and are mostly manufactured of durable plastic. Practical, high-quality, and stylish – this best describes the indoor and outdoor creations by this Italian manufacturer.

Driade likes working with young, trendy designers, like Philippe Starck, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Ron Arad. At Driade the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred – all of the furniture can be used in every situation in life and every living space. Perfectly suited for the uncomplicated lifestyle of the relatively young target audience!

Some of the most important products by Driade are the chairs Lord Yo and Toy, both creations by design icon Philippe Starck. Also worth a look are the Thali garden table, and the Pip-e armchair. Another trademark for Driade is the Tokyo Pop collection by Tokujin Yoshioka.

You see: There is much to be discovered in the collection of this young label! Outdoor furniture with high demands, charms, and wit – this is Driade!

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Driade - Pip-e Armlehnstuhl 4er Set - grau/matt/mit Armlehne
€ 789,00

Pip-e Armchair set of 4 by Driade

Driade - Anapo Beistelltisch - schwarz/Kastanie MDF/50x38x52cm
€ 1.125,00

Anapo Side Table by Driade

Driade - Meridiana Stuhl - transparent/Polycarbonat/ohne Rollen
€ 387,00

Meridiana Chair by Driade

Driade - Lord Yo Aktionsset - weiß/Polypropylen/4 Stück/mit Sitzauflagen
€ 899,00

Lord Yo Promotional Set by Driade

Driade - Pip-e Stuhl - weiß/matt
from € 130,00

Pip-e Chair by Driade

Driade - Bo Gartenstuhl-Set - weiß/matt/4 Stück
from € 127,00

Bo Garden Chair by Driade

Driade - Nemo Sessel drehbar - blau/lackiert/drehbar
from € 1.689,00

Nemo Armchair Rotatable by Driade

Driade - Anapo Couchtisch - schwarz/Kastanie/Ø 80cm
from € 1.368,00

Anapo Coffee Table by Driade

Driade - Lucky Star Stehleuchte - aluminium/H: 210cm
€ 1.737,00

Lucky Star Floor Lamp by Driade

Driade - 100 Plätze - Lucca Tablett - versilbert/Messing
€ 685,00

Lucca Centre Piece by Driade

Driade - Pip-e Tisch - elfenbein / Ø70cm
€ 1.169,00

Pip-e Table by Driade

Driade - Clubland Outdoor Sofa - edelstahl/Kissen weiß
€ 3.348,00

Clubland Outdoor Sofa by Driade

Driade - Kissino Beistelltisch - opal/ohne Beleuchtung
from € 199,00

Kissino Side Table by Driade

Driade - TWS Moi Teller Sets / Tafelgeschirr
€ 147,00

TWS Moi Set of Plates by Driade

Driade - Xochicalco Kerzenleuchter - silber/Aluminium/poliert
€ 225,00

Xochicalco Candleholder by Driade

Driade - Clover Sessel - weiß/matt
€ 499,00

Clover Armchair by Driade

Driade - The Empire Kronleuchter - silber/verspiegelt
€ 2.599,00

The Empire Chandelier by Driade

Driade - Bo Stuhl 4er Set - weiß/matt/4 Stück
€ 489,00

Bo Chair 4-piece Set by Driade

Driade - Thali Teakwood Tisch - Teakholz/Aluminium/Größe 2/LxBxH 210x90x720cm
from € 1.489,00

Thali Teakwood Table by Driade

Driade - Lagò Stuhl - bordeaux/Kunststoff
from € 499,00

Lagò Chair by Driade

Driade - Tokyo Pop Sessel - weiß/Kunststoff
€ 499,00

Tokyo Pop Armchair by Driade

Driade - TWS Kingyo 6 Dessertteller  - weiß/Fischmotiv/Porzellan/Größe 2/Ø17cm
from € 74,00

TWS Kingyo Sets Of Plates by Driade

Driade - King Costes Armlehnstuhl
€ 999,00

King Costes Armchair by Driade

Driade - Tokyo Pop Sofa - elfenbein
€ 799,00

Tokyo Pop Sofa by Driade

Driade - PIP-e Armlehnstuhl - orange/matt/mit Armlehne
from € 220,00

Pip-e Armchair by Driade

Driade - Kissi Kissi Gartentisch - weiß / HxØ 72x70cm/matt
€ 488,00

Kissi Kissi Garden Table by Driade

Driade - Nemo Sessel - orange/lackiert/feststehend
from € 1.029,00

Nemo Armchair by Driade

Driade - Costes Armlehnstuhl
€ 699,00

Costes Armchair by Driade

Driade - Thali Aluminium Gartentisch - aluminium/Größe 3/160x90cm
from € 1.099,00

Thali Aluminium Garden Table by Driade

Driade - Lord Yo Stuhl - weiß/Kunststoff
€ 250,00

Lord Yo Chair by Driade

Driade - Toy Gartenstuhl - weiß B1/matt
from € 145,00

Toy Garden Chair by Driade

Driade - Anapo Esstisch - schwarz/TIschplatte Glas 15mm/250x105cm
€ 3.052,00

Anapo Dining Table by Driade

Driade - Oscar Bon - schwarz/Kohlenstofffaser
€ 4.885,00

Oscar Bon Chair by Driade

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