1. Participation 

The AMBIENTEDIRECT STYLECLUB (hereafter "SC") is operated under these terms and conditions of participation by Ambiente Direct GmbH, Hofmannstraße 51 B, 80379 Munich ("AMBIENTEDIRECT"). Any natural person who has reached the age of 18 can participate. Participation is free of charge. If you have registered for the SC, you can utilise all of the advantages for your status in the SC upon the confirmation of the registration by email. 

2. Receive and redeem points

As a participant of the SC, you can collect points in the online shop of AMBIENTEDIRECT. These points are recorded in the AMBIENTEDIRECT customer account - which is created for the participant, if not already available. The participant receives one point per € 1 turnover (receipt total excluding shipping costs, less granted discounts, other bonuses and subsidies). Started Euro sales are rounded up or down commercially (e.g. € 1.49 = 1 point, € 1.50 = 2 points). Credited points are reduced, used points are posted back if the purchase with which they were acquired or used is fully or partly reversed (e.g. right of revocation for online orders or other returns).   In the online shop, the points are automatically allocated if the participant is logged into his personal customer account when the order is sent.

The points can be redeemed at AMBIENTEDIRECT. For each point collected, the participant receives a credit of three cents (1 point = 3 cents) for Silver status, five cents (1 point = 5 cents) for Gold status, and seven cents (1 point = 7 cents) for VIP status. The crediting of the points can last up to 6 weeks after the conclusion of the contract. The account balance can be viewed at any time in the online customer account or in the SC overview page. Cash payment or offsetting against purchases already made is not possible. Points accumulated expire if no more points have been collected over a period of 365 days since the last point collected. Also see points 4 and 5.

3. Receive and redeem benefits        

Vouchers obtained within the scope of the SC can only be redeemed after confirmation of registration by email. Points earned within the scope of the SC will be credited to the account again if the purchase for which they were used is cancelled in whole or in part (e.g. right of revocation for online orders or other returns). Vouchers are not transferable and no cash payment will be made. Other vouchers obtained within the scope of the SC expire within the respective times stated, but at the latest after 12 months.

4. Advantage stature

The turnover, which forms the basis for awarding points at AMBIENTEDIRECT, also has a function for achieving a certain advantage status. From an annual turnover of € 2,500, you are a Gold member and receive special benefits, which can be temporary and can change. From an annual turnover of € 5,000, you are a VIP member and receive special advantages, which can also be limited in time and can change. You can find out the current advantages in the SC. To calculate the status, only those sales (receipt total excluding shipping costs, minus granted discounts, bonuses and subsidies) are taken into account which were collected at AMBIENTEDIRECT in the last 365 days. However, sales collected in the online shop are taken into account for status determination up to 30 days after crediting due to possible reversals/returns. Once the participant has reached a status, it will remain for 1 year (with continued participation). The free shipping order in the online shop and the free home delivery are only valid for the VIP status. 

5. Termination, Completion, StyleClub Program

Participants may terminate their participation in the AMBIENTEDIRECT SC at any time without notice by notifying info@ambientedirect.com or in writing to AMBIENTEDIRECT (also see item 9 on the termination effect in the event of an objection to data use). Points not yet redeemed, status advantages and credits on the customer account resulting from advertising measures expire in this case without replacement. AMBIENTEDIRECT may terminate the contract with individual participants at any time by giving two weeks' notice. An extraordinary termination for good cause remains possible at any time without observing a period of notice. AMBIENTEDIRECT also reserves the right to terminate the SC in its entirety and/or replace it with another program at any time and within a reasonable time without giving reasons. Upon termination of the SC or termination by AMBIENTEDIRECT, the accumulated points may be used for point actions for a maximum of 3 months from termination. AMBIENTEDIRECT accepts no liability for any misuse, unless AMBIENTEDIRECT is responsible for it.

6. Modification of the Conditions of Participation

AMBIENTEDIRECT reserves the right to amend the General Conditions of Participation at any time with effect for the future, in particular to improve processing, extend customer benefits or prevent misuse. The participant shall receive a message in text form about any changes. If the participant does not object in writing to AMBIENTEDIRECT within one month, the changes shall be deemed approved. Approval shall also be deemed to have been given if the participant has new points credited to him/her after receipt of the changed conditions. The participant will be informed of this separately in the notification of change. In the event of objection, participation in the SC will be terminated and the consequences of termination by the participant shall enter into force.

7. Data collection and use

AMBIENTEDIRECT takes the protection of your data seriously. The personal data obtained within the scope of the SC will be collected, processed and used for the purpose of carrying out the SC in compliance with the applicable statutory data protection provisions. In addition, we use your data in accordance with your consent for the purpose of advertising and market research. Your data will also not be passed on for advertising purposes.

8. Your consent to the collection and use of data

You agree that your data listed below may be collected, processed and used for the purposes of market research and the selection, adaptation and transmission of advertising tailored to your interests within the scope of the SC (by post or by insertion when visiting our websites; no email advertising unless separate consent is given and no advertising calls) and that these data may be transmitted.

We use the following data: Data that you have provided about yourself when participating; data about your purchases in stationary shops or online (date, place, object, value), about the time, type and extent of use of vouchers and participation in promotions, such as contests, the use of points and SC benefits, events, timing and nature of your responses to the advertisement sent (use of offers in addressed advertising and newsletter content, click on links there, unsubscriptions), as well as the data relating to your visit to the online shop (times, pages, devices, browsers used from and with which you visited us, pages visited, use of links, buttons and other action elements and offers tracked and purchases not completed). We also collect this data online on the Internet pages using cookies. You can find out more about this in the data protection information on the AMBIENTEDIRECT website.

Our use of data: The aforementioned data will be used to plan new SC promotions and to design other offers and our advertising so that we can select them for you and adapt them to your personal interests. As part of the use for advertising, you will receive information on promotions (receiving and redeeming points and customer benefits) by email and other offers by post or when visiting our Internet pages displayed there. Participation in the SC is not possible without your aforementioned consent to advertising and market research.

9. Your rights 

The participant may object to the use of his data for advertising purposes at any time with effect for the future or revoke his consent to the use of data for advertising purposes, e.g. to use the email address for the email newsletter, at any time. AMBIENTEDIRECT does not charge any costs for this. If you only wish to stop receiving the email newsletter, you will continue to participate in the program. A revocation of consent to advertising and market research or an objection to the use of personal data for advertising purposes shall be deemed to be a termination of participation in the SC. You can have the consent texts we have stored retrieved at any time. Simply contact us at info@ambientedirect.com. to access it. We will then send you the requested information by email. If you have any other questions or concerns, simply contact: info@ambientedirect.com or AMBIENTEDIRECT by post.

Status as of November 2018