Wooden Figurines Lovebirds

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Wooden Figurines Lovebirds / oak/2 figures/H 8,8cm
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Product description

The two Kay Bojesen Wooden Figurines "Lovebirds" were designed in the year 1950 and are available at Kay Bojesen as a re-edition since 2014.
The Lovebirds Wooden Figurines by Kay Bojesen are made of beautiful, naturally smoked oak wood and each about 9 cm high. The wooden birds are a great accessory for your living area or for the nursery and make for cute toys as well as pretty decorations.

In nature the little Lovebirds parrots are known for finding a mate and staying together for their whole lives. This makes the Wooden Figurines by Kay Bojesen a great gift for Valentine's Day, for engagements or weddings, but they're also suited as Christmas or birthday gifts and for special occasions.

The Kay Bojesen Wooden Figurines are charming design classics from Denmark since the 1950s, which are still exceedingly popular - also among collectors and fans of Scandinavian design! The Lovebirds are a re-edition of the 16 ch high, colourful Kay Bojesen Songbirds.

We also carry many other Wooden Figurines by Kay Bojesen in our online shop, let yourself be inspired!

Product details
Item ID 124667
Brand Kay Bojesen Denmark
Collection Kay Bojesen Denmark Lovebirds
Colorsoak (2 figures)
MaterialsNatural and smoked oak wood
DimensionsHeight: 8.8cm

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