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Disc Suspension Lamp White

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Disc 20 Suspension Lamp White / white/H 23cm/Ø 50cm

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Product description
The stylish and distinctive Disc Suspension Lamp was designed and manufactured by the renowned producer Graypants. Established by two architects based in Seattle, the company expanded its operations by introducing innovative, bold and stylish designs to the European market. The brand is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices and within the last few years has introduced a lighting collection manufactured entirely from recycled cardboard. The duo have received a broad selection of awards for their designs and, over the years, have compiled an outstanding portfolio of products.

Manufactured from repurposed cardboard, the Disc Suspension Lamp is characterised by its soft, curved and textured appearance, which disperses a playful pattern and gentle light. Available in a range of pleasing colours and finishes, this charming pendant will create a mesmerising focal point and is suitable for use in any room. Additionally, the Disc Suspension Lamp can also be used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, shops or hotels. This luminaire is available in three different sizes; 19 x 43, 23 x 50 or 26 x 61 cm, these weighing 2.3, 3.8 and 4 kgs respectively.

Product details
Item ID 259199
Brand graypants
Collection Graypants Disc
Colors white
Materials recycled cardboard
Dimensions Height:
· H 19cm/Ø 43cm: 19cm
· H 23cm/Ø 50cm: 23cm
· H 26cm/Ø 61cm: 26cm
· H 19cm/Ø 43cm: 43cm
· H 23cm/Ø 50cm: 50cm
· H 26cm/Ø 61cm: 61cm
Suspension Height: 200cm
Diameter Diffuser:
· H 19cm/Ø 43cm: 43cm
· H 23cm/Ø 50cm: 50cm
· H 26cm/Ø 61cm: 61cm
Weight H 19cm/Ø 43cm: 2.3kg
H 23cm/Ø 50cm: 3.8kg
H 26cm/Ø 61cm: 4kg
Illuminant 1x LED-Bulb E27/15W - energy efficency grade A++ - excl., (please order under "accessories")
Energy class This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A++ - E

Technical product features
Other Features Height adjustable lamp

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Disc 16 Suspension Lamp White

white/H 19cm/Ø 43cm

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Disc 20 Suspension Lamp White

white/H 23cm/Ø 50cm

2 weeks
€ 359,00
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Disc 24 Suspension Lamp White

white/H 26cm/Ø 61cm

2 weeks
€ 465,00
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