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Form und Funktion in Perfektion

Vom pragmatischen Schul-Interieur zum legendären Designklassiker: So zeitlos schön ist der Ulmer Hocker von wb form.

wb form - Ulmer Stool
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wb form
Ulmer Stool
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wb form - Ulmer Stool with Drawer
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wb form - practical and simple furniture

The company wb form was founded by the three owners Werner Max Moser, Siegfried Giedion and Rudolf Graber. All three found their drive was to provide practical furniture in clear and simple forms. Thus, they have inspired a wide audience since. The company wb form goes back to the brand ‘wohnbedarf’, founded in 1931, and its name arose as an abbreviation of this.

Lucrative collaboration with designers

The wb form furniture is made on their own initiative and are derived from the collaboration with renowned designers. This includes, for example, Max Bill, Alvar Aalto and Marcel Breuer. The furniture is already regarded as a modern classic and can be used in many ways. A practical design and high functionality are at the centre of the collections. The manufacturer focuses not only on individual items. He takes over complete lines from the 30s, 50s, 70s and 80s, and brings the classics back to the market. In the selection of furniture, wb form ignores pleasant design and instead investigates uses behind the designs. Modern colours bring life into any living room. Through the clear lines, the products can be combined with virtually any décor.

The wb form elm stool

A special product is the wb form elm stool. It acts as a bedside table, side table or even a mobile carrying aid for magazines and newspapers. The stool was created by Max Bill and takes its place in the ranges by wb form. The design is totally minimal and clear. Like other collections, it is purely focused on the function of this model.