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Nimbus - Zen In M Long LED Wall Lamp
Zen In M Long LED Wall Lamp
from € 184,00
€ 202,00
Nimbus - Air Maxx LED 130 Wall Lamp
Air Maxx LED 130 Wall Lamp
€ 333,00
€ 363,00
Nimbus - Line C LED Suspension Lamp
Line C LED Suspension Lamp
€ 806,00
€ 873,00
Nimbus - Air Maxx 250 LED Wall Lamp
Air Maxx 250 LED Wall Lamp
€ 424,00
€ 462,00
Nimbus - Converter max. 18W
Converter max. 18W
€ 58,00
€ 68,00
Nimbus - Flush-mounted / masonry installation set
Flush-mounted / masonry installation set
from € 29,00
€ 31,00

Collections by Nimbus

The Nimbus Group was founded over 20 years ago by Dietrich Brennenstuhl in Stuttgart, Germany, and is now one of the leading manufacturers of LED lamps. Next to the label “Nimbus” the company also runs the label “Rosso”, which markets highly flexible shading and space-structuring systems with integrated audio solutions. Over 7,000 LED light projects were already successfully completed by Nimbus. The Nimbus Group not only furnished various schools, kindergartens, and doctor's offices with their LED lamps, but also entire houses, company headquarters, and office buildings.

Several departments of the Nimbus Group, like product development, design and distribution, are located in Stuttgart, Germany. Also production and logistics of the Nimbus products takes place there. The company Nimbus works mostly with suppliers from close by to live up to their leading principle of sustainability. Thusly, Nimbus only uses electronic vehicles. The electricity for the electric cars is produced by the Nimbus Group themselves, with solar panels on the roofs of the company buildings. The LED lamp manufacturer is also founding member of the DHGB, the German Association for sustainable Building, and supports children, youth, and educational projects of the region.

Based on energy efficient LED technology Nimbus offers a wide range of LED design lamp collections that cater to nearly all illumination requirements. Next to the cosy illumination of living spaces and the efficient work space illumination Nimbus is also a specialist for extensive general lighting for hallways and corridors. Sustainability and responsibility play a great role for Nimbus ever since their founding year.

Nimbus works closely with their architects, light and electronics professionals to develop innovative lighting concepts. The design team is specialised on finding new shapes and innovations for their lighting designs. This means over-thinking surfaces and materials for LED lighting objects. As always Nimbus is especially concerned about technological perfection and efficiency of their product processes. Nimbus received numerous national and international design awards. That is why we want to offer you a large selection of the modern Nimbus LED lamps in our online shop.

At AmbienteDirect you will find the Nimbus L120 LED suspension lamp, the Office Air LED floor lamp, as well as the Squeeze 1 wall lamp, among many others. The “Roxxane” collection by Nimbus is also guaranteed to be to your liking. In our online shop you can find, e.g., the Roxxane Home table lamp, the Roxxane Home reading lamp, and the Roxxane Office desk lamp. Browse through our online shop and discover the new Nimbus LED design lamps!