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    • Wagner Jakob
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Montana - Montana 1112/D 30cm Spare Parts
Montana 1112/D 30cm Spare Parts
from € 48,00
€ 54,00
Montana - 1203 Base For Basic Element
1203 Base For Basic Element
discontinued item - new white 101 / depth 30cm / height 3cm
in Stock
€ 87,00
€ 109,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Montana - OP12 Suspension Fitting for Shelf Element
OP12 Suspension Fitting for Shelf Element
discontinued item - wood / strength 1.2cm
in Stock
€ 48,00
€ 54,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Montana - Panton Bachelor Cushion For Lounge Chair
Panton Bachelor Cushion For Lounge Chair
€ 67,00
€ 76,00
Montana - Panton Bachelor Cushion For Lounge Chair
Panton Bachelor Cushion For Lounge Chair
mango / acrylic fabric
in Stock
€ 67,00
€ 76,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost
Montana - Adorn Dresser
Adorn Dresser
€ 1.428,00
€ 1.587,00
Montana - Free Shelf 138.4x75.8x38cm
Free Shelf 138.4x75.8x38cm
from € 699,00
€ 733,00
Montana - Panton One Barstool
Panton One Barstool
€ 462,00
€ 514,00
Montana - Rise Display Cabinet H: 211.8cm
Rise Display Cabinet H: 211.8cm
from € 1.844,00
€ 2.396,00
Montana - Montana Mirror
Montana Mirror
from € 131,00

Collections by Montana

The company Montana was founded in the year 1982 by Peter J. Lassen in Hårby on the island Fünen, Denmark. The Montana Møbler A/S has been producing high-quality designer furniture ever since, meanwhile in high-tech production halls over 19,000 sqm large. The staff contributing to the creation of the stylish Montana furniture counts over 200 workers. Montana's CEO is Gitte Reymann. Design and communications director Joakim Lassen is among others responsible for the perfect designs.

The design company Montana is especially known for its ingenious Montana shelving system. But also tables and chairs for the home and office are part of the Danish company's product line. The designers for the Montana table and chair collections are Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen, Joakim Lassen, Peter J. Lassen, and schmidt hammer.

The Montana shelving system was designed by Peter J. Lassen. The element, which makes this system so special, is the flexible structure and the enormous colour pallet. The Montana shelf modules can be combined to suit your personal taste and to create an entirely individual shelf.

The origin of the Montana shelving system dates back to the year 1974, when Peter J. Lassen designed the shelving system 6060. This piece of furniture already featured several details that can be found in the Montana shelving system today. For example, the rounded edges and many possibilities of arranging and dividing the shelves.

The shelving system 6060 was a huge hit in the years after its creation, because until that time there were only sideboards, which were extendable to the sides. However, the shelving system 6060 was additionally also able to be extended upwards. This innovation was celebrated already two years later by numerous copies by Italian manufacturers.

In the years between 1979 and 1981 Peter J. Lassen further developed his product. The Montana shelving system known today was created. The grid, which had originally measured 5.2 cm, was extended to 5.7 cm in accordance with the DIN standards. The material used before, solid pine wood, Peter J. Lassen replaced with MDF, and furthermore, he added variations in depth and half-sides. Moreover, he completed the new Montana shelving system with drawers, doors, and inserts in different sizes.

At AmbienteDirect you will find a large selection of furniture by design manufacturer Montana, like the Montana Shelf, the Montana Bookcase, the Montana Box in Box Shelf, as well as the Montana Mini Console. You will also find the Tivoli Chair, the HS2PR Project Board / Office Table, and the Panton Wire Shelf Module. The furniture by designer brand Montana are guaranteed to fulfill your dreams of individual living! We are happy to assist you with any questions!