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Collections by Letti

Letti & Co - simple elegance for your bedroom

Letti & Co design project intends to add new and clever aspects to the way we sleep with its innovative beds. The Letti & Co beds by designer Paola Navone represent a minimalism that knows how to exude comfort and calm with impressive clarity.

Letti & Co - a new kind of cosiness

Letti & Co beds are distinguished not only by their clear design, but by their exciting duplicity. They combine abstract, extravagant lines with natural fabrics such as linen and velvet. The design studio Letti & Co always makes sure that all Letti beds are customized and meet the highest standards. The high expectations of the Italian company are clearly perceptible, as it works tirelessly to make bedroom furniture like the Arco double bed 180x200cm into absolute classics. Unique designs like the Soft Double Bed 180x200 also compel with their high level of comfort.

Letti & Co reveals new design potential in the bedroom

Letti manufactures all components of the quality Letti furniture in-house. It starts with the frame, continues with slats, and ends with the mattress. The Italian company also offers its fans the mattress to go with ist Letti furniture. You can choose between innerspring, latex and hypo-allergenic polymer mattresses. Even the covers and pillows by the Italian manufacturer are sophisticated and tailor made to give your bedroom a brand new and elegant look. With various duvets, the design team also makes sure that everyone sleeps softly and soundly in their clever Letti beds.