Helestra - Enna 2 Table Lamp
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Enna 2 Table Lamp
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Helestra - Siri 44 Mounting Plate
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Siri 44 Mounting Plate
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RRP € 42,00
The company Helestra looks back on a long tradition – it was founded as early as 1918. More than 70 years later, in the year 1990, it was privatised by the Schmitz Leuchten GmbH & Co. Until now it has developed into one of Germany's leading manufacturers of design lighting for living spaces – for indoors as well as outdoors.
The secret behind the ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, and bollard lamps is as simple as convincing: Founded knowledge in the areas lighting technology, design, and metal processing makes each and every one of their objects a sought-after highlight, far from mass-production. The detailed processing and precise craftsmanship contribute to the lamps' longevity and is especially appreciated by their sophisticated customers.
Helestra puts great emphasis on producing lamps with the highest functionality and individual looks. From stainless steel and aluminium they create impressive designer objects like the Iceland 44 wall lamp, the Alaska bollard lamp, or the Moris floor lamp. They wonderfully fit into different furnishing concepts – may they be classic, modern, or elegant.
In combination with the matching outdoor lamps you can even plan complete lighting concepts for an entire building – perfect for all, who wish to represent a harmonious overall image. The lamps by Helestra inconspicuously adapt to any atmosphere: The HL-15 wall lamp lights the way through the hallway and upstairs, the Basalt 44 bollard lamp leads you through the garden to your door. You can even bathe your own parking place with a soft light – for example with the Nordic 2 bollard lamp. All Helestra products are distinguished by an exceptionally high quality, the entire selection is GS and TÜV certified.
Because Helestra conducts their product assembly in their own workshop in the East German city of Leppersdorf, they are capable of incorporating current trends of the lighting industry into the designs for new indoor and outdoor lamps. This is why the indoor and outdoor lamps by Helestra always meet the pulse of the times with their individual looks.
Tasteful indoor lamps and design-heavy outdoor lamps for every preference – this is what Helestra stands for.