Enjoy unforgettable outdoor meals

Grandhall provides the perfect equipment for finest barbecues.

The Grand Hall Enterprise Company Ltd. Was founded in Taiwan in the year 1976 and is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of products with gas technique. Next to grills the company also sells outdoor kitchens and barbecues and since 2008 even terrace heaters and outdoor kitchens with Crossray® infrared technology.

Grand Hall has been working with the company Rinnai Australia since 1978, who distributes advanced gas devices as well as heaters and hot water systems. Rinnai Australia brought Grand Hall's first “Private Label Grill” to the market and successfully sold it via their well maintained network of retailers. Four years later Grand Hall also produced gas pressure regulators and gas cylinder valves for American customers.

In the year 1983 Grand Hall began a partnership with the company Jacuzzi USA to equip their first “Private Label Grill” with a side burner. Ten years later the company Focus Lifestyle is founded in Australia that have been working with Grand Hall in the areas design and montage ever since. Today Focus Lifestyle counts as one of the larges suppliers of gas grills in Australia.

Grand Hall grew continuously and were selling their products in more than 25 countries already in the year 2006. In the meantime Grand Hall also established a location in Garland, a suburb to Dallas in Texas, USA, and in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands.

The designer grill manufacturer Grand Hall is exceptionally innovative. The company owns more than 50 patents, among others the grill burner with variable control, the automatic electric ignition system, and the Crossray® infrared burner technology.

Grand Hall won several awards for their designer barbecues. For example, the “Globe Café” gas grill received the “Taiwan Design of Excellence Award” and  was voted “Product of the Year” in Australia twice. All barbecues by Grand Hall guarantee a high burner performance and optimal heat build-up. The cast-iron grill panels create an ideal thermal regulation and dispersion, so that meat, fish, and vegetables can be prepared exactly to your liking.

The grills of the GT collection are affordable, qualitatively on the highest level, and have a stylish design. They were developed by Grand Hall for customers with a smaller budget. At AmbienteDirect you can purchase the attractive GT3 Gas Grill from this series, among others. But also other magnificent Grand Hall designer products await you in our online shop, like the Xenon 227 Gas Grill, the Maxim 429 Gas Grill, the Maxim Island Gas Grill, the T-Grill Gas Grill, and the Argon 225 Gas Grill.

The Totum Heat-Light-Sound Terrace Heater by Grand Hall is guaranteed to turn every summer evening into an unforgettable experience. It not only creates warmth, but also plays MP3 music and provides atmospheric lighting. Check out the Totum Heat-Light-Sound Terrace Heater at AmbienteDirect! We're positive you'll love it!

Start your next barbecue season with one of the classy designer gas grills by Grand Hall and, while you're at it, don't forget to get one of the high-quality Grand Hall heaters for great summer evenings! Let us make your barbecue experience most enjoyable and an unforgettable highlight of the year!