Spanish design culture

Based in the Basque region, B.lux designs and produces timelessly beautiful and innovative lighting objects such as the popular Veroca light sail.
B.LUX - Veroca 1 Ceiling Lamp
  • Yellow
Veroca 1 Ceiling Lamp
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€ 849,00
RRP € 1.045,00
B.LUX - Castle S60 LED Suspension Lamp
  • Brown
Castle S60 LED Suspension Lamp
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€ 844,00
RRP € 1.534,00

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B.lux - organic style with sophistication

B.lux is one of the few Spanish companies that have their own manufacturing facility. The design, development, production and delivery of high-quality B.Lux lights take place in the in-house production facilities, which cover an area of around 5,000 square metres. For many years B.Lux has collaborated with well-known designers, who are heavily involved in the unmistakeable expression of the lights.

B-Lux lamps - continuous innovation

Since 1980, B.Lux has produced lights of the highest quality and with timeless designs. One of the most famous items is without doubt the Veroca 2 ceiling lamp, which was created by Miguel Angel Ciganda. The simplicity and elegant straight lines of this B.Lux lamp are clear indications of who the manufacturer is. It is about efficiency, style and beauty. Alongside this, B.Lux never neglects humanitarian and ecological sustainability. Furthermore, lights like the B.Lux Veroca always bring a cultural aspect. For B.Lux it is not just about short-term trends. They want to transport a part of the Spanish lifestyle and Spanish history into the living room of people around the world.

B. Lux - overcoming formal boundaries

It is not only lamps like the B.Lux Veroca which show the stylistic flair and innovative courage of the B.Lux teams. There are models such as the Q.Bo table lamp, the Veroca 3 ceiling light and the Kenpazar floor lamp, which still bear the unmistakable style of B.Lux today. An intensive fusion of shape and light give all B.Lux lights a mysterious but also a firm and down-to-earth charm. Pendant lamps, ceiling and wall lamps radiate Spanish seriousness, passion and the refinement of the avant-garde.