Sutoa storage cabinet / box

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Sutoa storage cabinet / box / oak/WxHxD 67x116,5x53cm/with 7 drawer
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Product description

The Sutoa storage cabinet/box has been created by Keiji Ashizawa for the brand Frama. Japanese architect and industrial designer Ashizawa's approach to design is to amplify every element of a piece, including letting the strength and beauty of the materials he uses shine through. He also strives to optimise functionality and durability. He did all this and did it well with the Sutoa storage cabinet/box. It is a storage solution that stands out from the rest with its stack of storage boxes of different sizes. Made of solid walnut, the boxes are contained in a frame made of stainless steel. The frame has wheels at the back, making it easy to move the unit even when all the boxes are full. Each of the seven boxes has a handle, so it's simple to open individual boxes to store or retrieve items.

The Sutoa storage cabinet/box has a height of 116.5cm, a width of 67cm and a depth of 53cm. It can be used in different rooms in a house, including the kitchen, study, dining area and bedroom. It can also be used to keep stored items out of the way such as in an attic or basement. The unit can also be used in commercial spaces.

Product details
Item ID 268022
Brand Frama
Designer Keiji Ashizawa
Materialssteel, oak
DimensionsWidth: 67cm
Height: 116.5cm
Depth: 53cm

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