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Glass dining tables

Magis - Big Will Dining Table/Office Table
  • Black
  • SilverSilver
  • White
MDF Italia - S Table Dining Table White Base
  • White
Cassina - Le Corbusier LC6 Table
  • TransparentTransparent
Le Corbusier LC6 Table
8-12 weeks
from € 4.225,00
Kartell - Glossy Table Oval Frame Gold
  • White
Cassina - 475 Boboli Dining Table
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black
475 Boboli Dining Table
in Stock
from € 6.658,00
e15 - DC08 Basis Dining Table
  • Brown
DC08 Basis Dining Table
6-8 weeks
from € 2.826,00
Driade - Anapo Dining Table
  • TransparentTransparent
Anapo Dining Table
5 weeks
€ 4.299,00
Fontana Arte - Tour Table
  • TransparentTransparent
Fontana Arte
Tour Table
6 weeks
€ 5.299,00
Wagner - W-Table Conference Table rectangular
  • Beige
  • White

Tastefully furnish your home with a glass dining table

As the centrepiece of the dining room, the table certainly gets plenty of attention. It is one of the home's main gathering points in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. It invites you to have breakfast, enjoy time with your family or an elegant dinner with guests. It is therefore essential that your chosen model is visually appealing – so how about a stylish designer dining table with a glass table top? If your answer to this question is "Definitely!", then you should definitely head straight over to our online shop!

Glass dining tables from renowned manufacturers

Are expert designs and premium quality important factors for you? Then you've come to the right place! At AmbienteDirect you'll find an extensive range of glass dining tables designed with huge amounts of passion and dedication. We stock various models from exclusive brands:

These and other furniture manufacturers offer glass dining tables bursting with stylish character that are visual highlights in every room. They also produce beautiful mirror effects that visually magnify and brighten their surroundings, and sparkle in an elegant way. Another advantage: as a material, glass is extremely sturdy, easy to clean and durable. In combination with an exclusive look, this makes the glass dining tables in our range true furnishing wonders.

Buy your favourite model here!

Do you prefer a discreet, timeless design or should your table be more energetic and modern? Would you like to dine at a round, oval or rectangular glass table? Our tables come with a variety of interesting and originally shaped legs, some of which are made from rustic wood to create a modern contrast. By contrast, our steel legs perfectly complement the shiny, elegant charm of the glass table tops. All that remains is to decide which glass dining table you want to buy. Tip: you can also order matching chairs directly from us – to ensure your dining room looks harmonious and inviting. Have fun browsing our extensive range!