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It was the year 1893 when a unique company was to be founded at the South Tyrolean border. The company Plank, founded by Karl Plank, is even until this day traditionally passed on from father to son. It is already over 100 years old and is very successful with the selling of design objects.

Originally, the company Plank was oriented around manual labour. Today Plank manufactures its design products mainly with the help of well thought-through automatic systems. However, several processing steps are still done by hand. The quality of the materials is very important to Plank. Even with the industrial processing of products the company succeeds in keeping up their high standard of quality. Their decades and decades of experience in the area of craftsmanship especially contributes to this.

Plank is one of the first Italian furniture manufacturers that received the quality certificate DIN ISO 9001. With the adaptation to new quality norms in 2009 Plank introduced an “integrated management system” according to ISO 9001:2008. This type of management regards the environment and its resources as collective property. The company feels the responsibility to respect and value this. That is why Plank designer items are manufactured along this motto.

Plank displays a large design selection. They produce Plank chairs, armchairs, stools, tables, and garden furniture. The design highlights of the company are among others the Myto cantilever chair by designer Konstantin Grcic and the Miura bar stool, which was also designed by Konstantin Grcic.

Next to Konstantin Grcic other important designers working with Plank are Raul Barbieri, Claudio Bellini, Björn Dahlström, Naoto Fukasawa, Cisotti Laube, Luca Trazzi, and not to forget Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. At you can purchase Plank design furniture by these and other designers. The designer pieces are available in many trend colours. The Miura Bar Stool, e.g., is available in the nuances cobalt blue, curry, oxi red, and orange. The colour pallet of the Myto Cantilever Chair reaches from light green and light blue to an expressive violet and red.

Plank furniture has a strong recognition value and with its timelessness never goes out of style. It enhances every living space and will put a smile onto your face whenever you look at it. Our opinion: Every design lover should have at least one piece of Plank furniture in their collection!

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Plank - Myto Cantilever Chair
€ 232,00*

Myto Cantilever Chair by Plank

Plank - Miura Side Table - white / Ø60cm/matt/folding table
€ 422,00*

Miura Side Table by Plank

Plank - Miura Bar Stool - white
€ 202,00*

Miura Bar Stool by Plank

Plank - MON AMI Armchair - black/leather
€ 1.464,00*

MON AMI Armchair by Plank

Plank - Stella Bar stool - beige Moccawood/frame chrome/H 60cm
from € 363,00*

Stella Bar stool by Plank

Plank - Luna Chair - black Blackwood/frame chrome
€ 428,00*

Luna Chair by Plank

Plank - Mister X Garden Table  Ø 70cm - white/HPL/Ø 70cm/H: 73-74,5cm
from € 399,00*

Mister X Garden Table by Plank

Plank - Miura Bistro Table Ø70cm - white/matt/with foldable top
from € 631,00*

Miura Bistro Table Ø70cm by Plank

Plank - Miura Bistro Table Ø80cm - white/matt/with foldable top
from € 720,00*

Miura Bistro Table Ø80cm by Plank

Plank - Monza Table - black/frame natural ash/80x80cm
from € 821,00*
Monza Table

Monza Table by Plank

Plank - Avus Armchair - leather brown/frame grey mat
€ 2.559,00*

Avus Armchair by Plank

Plank - Monza Armchair - white/matt/natural ash wood frame
from € 411,00*

Monza Armchair by Plank

Plank - Miura Bistro Table Ø60cm - white/matt
€ 428,00*

Miura Bistro Table Ø60cm by Plank

Plank - Blocco Chair - white
from € 512,00*

Blocco Chair by Plank

Plank - Blocco Bar Stool - white/stainless steel
from € 405,00*

Blocco Bar Stool by Plank

Plank - Luna Bar Stool - black Blackwood/frame chrome
€ 565,00*

Luna Bar Stool by Plank

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