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Rolf Benz

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Collections by Rolf Benz

Furniture from Rolf Benz brings style to your comfort zone

The German brand label knows how relaxation works. Its upholstered furniture is designed to help people relax, take time out of their everyday lives and slow down their pace of living. These are clear statements that are reflected in the clear lines and shapes of the furniture. Longing for calm and recuperation? Then Rolf Benz will make you happy. Find out the story behind the company and which of its products not only create more harmony for you, but also for your interior design.

In the Black Forest - where it all began…

In 1964, a young upholsterer named Rolf Benz realised that only a balanced mind can be an effective mind. With this concept he founded a company in the tranquil town of Nagold, in the Black Forest, that has survived numerous ups and downs and which sells its products worldwide.

It starts with a sofa and armchair range that challenges the conventional design rules for domestic living rooms and which to begin with might make a few people shake their heads. Instead of the conventional arrangement of a sofa, two armchairs opposite each other and a coffee table between them, it is now possible to create customised living landscapes. The armchair can sit next to the sofa, and the sofa can, if needed, be re-purposed into a place to sleep.

This flexibility is still found in all of Rolf Benz's products: adjustable arm rests and removable side sections on a reclining sofa, for example.

The great ascent

The 1970s

The company's profile is growing, and with it is the company's commercial success. The company appears at the Cologne furniture trade fair with its own stand. The firm's production capacities are also significantly expanded with the construction of an upholstered furniture plant in Mötzingen.

The 1980s

From this point forward, the company conquers the world of fashion: Rolf Benz's trendy creations now feature side by side with the rich and the beautiful in furniture catalogues and magazines. During this period, true design classics were born - classics that are still on display today in high-profile exhibitions or museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The 1990s

Globalisation arrives - and the demand for the German manufacturer's exclusive furniture increases. Everyone wants to take a seat on a designer sofa from Rolf Benz in the company's neighbouring countries in Europe, too. Anyone who cannot afford to do so, however, at least has the opportunity to see others doing it on a Saturday evening in the TV show, "Wetten dass...". That's because the famous star sofa from the entertainment programme presented by Thomas Gottschalk was actually a commissioned model made by the successful furniture production firm.

The 2000s to today

From this point forward, the company has finally established itself on the list of the most successful international furniture manufacturers. Today, as then, it stands for innovative design and perfect craftsmanship style. Thanks to their customisable design options, Rolf Benz's sofas in particular are also suitable for other rooms such as guest or dining rooms, and remain as much of a timeless classic as ever. Today, the company operates on over 50 markets.

Some of the creative minds behind the exclusive products

Annette Lang

Built in 1960 and holds a degree in industrial design from the Kunstakademie in Stuttgart: this is a short summary of the artist's career. Since 1988, she has had her own design studio in Wiesbaden and cooperated on numerous exhibitions. For Rolf Benz, Annette Lang has created furniture such as the impressive 8770 coffee table in various designs.

Norbert Beck

The designer born in 1959 first worked as an arts and crafts teacher. Since 1988, he has been the proprietor of Beck Design, his own office for furniture and product design. The models in the Rolf Benz 925 collection bear testimony to Beck's artistic flair and his eye for the essentials.

Christoph Kahleyss

The former joiner was born in 1963 and, after studying to become a joiner, studied industrial design at the Academy of Arts in Kiel. After working in New York and Stuttgart, he set himself up in Hamburg in 1993 and created not only comfortable seating furniture for Rolf Benz, but also designs for the Schönbuch and Thonet brands.

Profit from quality that is made in Germany

The long-established Swabian company is proud of its authentic workmanship and craftsmanship. And it has every right to be, given its success. The characteristically "German" virtues of discipline, conscientiousness and order are clearly visible in Rolf Benz's furniture production. This is because high-quality items are made here most importantly as a result of the company's high expectations of its own performance.

Why is this company so successful at manufacturing upholstered furniture? Simple: because everyone involved also knows how important it is to rest comfortably after hard work, and this is why every piece of sofa upholstery is designed and produced with tremendous attention to detail. Make your own impression of the furniture's feel-good factor and order your new sofa from the extensive range available from AmbienteDirect!

In terms of material choice too, Rolf Benz makes tremendous demands of itself and of its dealers. As a result, tanning shops and fabric suppliers are certified with the "Blue Angel" environmental quality seal and need to be able to demonstrate sustainable production in order to be included in the exclusive circle of suppliers.

Designer pieces for every room in the home

Immerse yourself in the varied repertoire of Rolf Benz and buy the ideal product to complement your interior design: how about a functional stool with a crumpled look and colours that match the objects in your living room? Or maybe a fleecy day blanket for the guest bed?

Perhaps you simply want to put your feet up and relax after work? Then look for a comfortable piece of seating furniture from the Rolf Benz 50 collection and order it today in our online shop! All goods in stock are shipped within 24 hours.

Behind the scenes at freistil

Simply can't get enough of the brand's beautiful furniture and accessories? Then take a look at the high-quality collections from the up-and-coming label freistil. It was created by Rolf Benz in 2011 and is very much the brand's equal in terms of quality and design, as the stylish 3-seater leather sofa from Anders Nørgaard confirms. Just like most of freistil's products, the sofa has a confident living style and, with its rectilinear shape, fits perfectly in your living room.

The company's charming upholstered furniture brings a breath of fresh air to any room, as well as individuality and style. Don't believe us? Just click on the exciting range from freistil Rolf Benz and see for yourself! This furniture is creative, modern and comfortable all at the same time.