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Innovation - Bifrost Deluxe Sofa Bed 209x117cm
Bifrost Deluxe Sofa Bed 209x117cm
from € 1.461,00
€ 1.950,00
Innovation - Cubed 02 Sofa Bed Oak 148x98cm
Cubed 02 Sofa Bed Oak 148x98cm
€ 1.124,00
€ 1.498,00
Innovation - Deconstructed Pouf H 40cm
Deconstructed Pouf H 40cm
€ 122,00
€ 162,00
Innovation - Narvi Sofa Bed 210x94cm
Narvi Sofa Bed 210x94cm
€ 1.572,00
€ 2.098,00
Innovation - Linna Day Bed 80x200cm
Linna Day Bed 80x200cm
€ 625,00
€ 832,00
Innovation - Topper Mattress Topper
Topper Mattress Topper
from € 157,00
€ 209,00

Collections by Innovation

The corporate history of Innovation started during the hippie era in the year 1971 with the innovative and at the same time unique idea to produce beanbag chairs. Innovation's founder is Flemming Højfeldt. He produced the first beanbag chairs with the name “Delta”, since 2006 they are known on the market as “Player Beanbags”.

The small company grew rapidly. Innovation started producing upholstered furniture and became a supplier for many international customers.

At the end of the 1980s Innovation was ready for a new adventure. Innovation wanted to produce their own designs and introduced a sofa bed draft that was supposed to be functional as well as modern and fashionable. Natural cotton was the basis for the mattress, because it had the flexibility absolutely necessary for a folding sofa. The first Innovation collection was called “ORL” collection.

After the launch of the “ORL” collection Innovation continued growing steadily. More collection became possible and were realised, like the “Istyle” collection. Today the Splitback sofa bed is bestseller. Its modern look is classy and innovative at the same time. The Splitback sofa bed invites you to spend all day and night, because it is so wonderfully comfortable.

The environment and environmentally friendly production methods are very important for Innovation. All of the refuse that is recyclable is sorted and finds further use in other productions. The packaging for Innovation design products is kept at a minimum and thus makes a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.

Innovation also has its own creative team. At the top of the design department stands Danish designer Per Weiss. He has been working with Innovation since 1989 and actively supports his colleagues with all ideas, designs, and graphics.

Mutual inspiration, exchange of experiences, and not to forget the international character of the team behind Innovation guarantee a steady development and the international success of their functional and stylish design products.

Even today Innovation's goal is to produce design that is notably different from everyday life. It has to be good design, that does not neglect aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Innovation is not just the company's name, but also their maxim. Innovation wants to create and offer its customers functional and attractive furniture for design conscious people. And we want to see more of these perfect Innovation design pieces!