Roller containers

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  • Properties
    • with wheels
    • angular
    • height adjustable
    • round
    • stackable
    • suitable for outdoor use
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    • Alias
    • B-Line
    • Kartell
    • Magis
    • müller möbelfabrikation
    • Müller Small Living
    • Pedrali
    • Richard Lampert
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    • Tojo
    • USM
    • Zeus
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  • Materials
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Wood
  • Designers
    • Citterio Antonio
    • Löw Glen Oliver
    • Colombo Joe
    • Dondoli Claudio
    • Pocci Marco
    • Werksdesign
    • Frey Patrick
    • Grcic Konstantin
    • Frömchen Dirk
    • Horn Peter
    • Peregalli Maurizio
    • Stark Felix
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USM - USM Haller Container With Wheels & 3 Drawers
USM Haller Container With Wheels & 3 Drawers
€ 1.209,00
Tojo - Cargo Container with Wheels
Cargo Container with Wheels
€ 374,00
€ 416,00
Tojo - Cargo Container with Wheels
Cargo Container with Wheels
white / WxHxD 39x60.9x40cm / with 3 drawers
in Stock
€ 374,00
€ 416,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost

Discover designer roller containers at AmbienteDirect

As well as being compact and functional, they are also extremely stylish – the mobile functional cabinets on offer in our online shop provide useful storage space for work utensils, documents and other items. Some models are lockable – ideal for safely storing important documents. We also stock a number of brilliantly conceived roller containers created by leading designers, including:

  • Antonio Citterio
  • Glen Oliver Löw
  • Werner Aisslinger
  • Konstantin Grcic
  • Maurizio Peregalli

For example, some models include a shelf that can also function as a seat. Some can be assembled in a modular manner. Others are stackable as well. In other words, our roller containers come in a wide variety of designs:

  • Open, with drawers or doors
  • In different sizes and heights
  • Lockable
  • Stackable
  • Modular

Ideal models for every room

All of our roller containers boast an appealing, eye-catching appearance that enhances every room – both at the office and at home. For example, perhaps you're after a chrome-framed model that perfectly complements an industrial-style office? Then we recommend a desk made of wood with black metal legs. Or if you prefer a more rustic look, choose one of our models in natural wood. We also carry various futuristic designs for modern rooms. Who knew that roller containers could be so versatile?

How can a practical piece of furniture be so stylish?

It is often said that organisation is half the battle. Could design be the other half? At AmbienteDirect we combine innovative functionality with outstanding aesthetics. Simple, cuboid, designer roller containers are always a good choice – their shiny finish complements the decor in every study. In our online shop you will also find eye-catching variants in bright colours and/or extravagant shapes.

Order containers with castors online

Do you have a home office, often work from home, or just need some extra storage space? Then you simply can't go wrong with a roller container from the AmbienteDirect range. When choosing this type of functional furniture, it's important to pay attention to both quality and appearance. After all, it's the little details that really tie a room together! So browse our range, choose your favourite roller container – and then order it with just a few clicks.