Elegant and functional children’s bedroom furniture for little adventurers

Growing up isn’t easy, but it sure is fun – and even more so with our high-quality children’s bedroom furniture. Once your little one has outgrown the baby stage and starts exploring the world on his own little feet, he’ll be keeping you on your toes both indoors and out! Whilst you certainly have to take special care in the playground to make sure nothing happens to your little one, you have so many more options to keep things safe in the children’s bedroom. Our range of furniture scores highly, not only thanks to the beautiful designs but also thanks to the comfort and durability. That’s because our prestigious brand labels set themselves high quality standards and constantly review their materials and processing techniques. Take a closer look at the manufacturers and products in our range and get some tips and ideas for furnishing your children’s bedroom.

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Currently popular items

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Turquoise
Me Too Bunky Children's Bed
3 weeks
€ 1.039,00
  • Blue
  • Orange
Seggiolina Pop Kid's Chair
in Stock
€ 96,00
  • TransparentTransparent
  • Grey
  • Brown
Transloetje LED Table Light With Accu H25.5cm
in Stock
from € 76,00
RRP € 95,00
  • TransparentTransparent
  • Black
Lou Lou Ghost Children's Chair
in Stock
€ 131,00
  • Beige
The Round Dorm Wall Shelf
in Stock
€ 135,00
RRP € 189,00
  • Blue
  • White
Richard Lampert
Eiermann Kid's Desk 70x120cm
2-3 weeks
from € 649,00
  • Brown
Kay Bojesen Denmark
Wooden Figurine Monkey Mini
in Stock
€ 53,00
RRP € 69,95
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Grey
Fatboy Junior Stonewashed Beanbag
in Stock
€ 179,00
  • MultiMulti
Wooden Dolls
in Stock
€ 129,00
  • White
Nische Children's Bench with Storage Space
2 weeks
€ 539,00
RRP € 599,00
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
Little Architect Kid's Bench
in Stock
from € 139,00
RRP € 175,00

Which children’s bedroom furniture do you need?

To make sure little ones enjoy being in their own little kingdom, the furniture and accessories not only have to be age-appropriate and child-proof, but above all they must be popular with kids. There are various items available in our wide selection that both you and your child are sure to love.

Sweet dreams guaranteed

A functional and comfortable bed is an absolute must when it comes to children’s bedroom furniture. And children sleep especially well on our designer furniture. Clean lines and sturdy frames simply radiate stability and reliability. The models made of birch wood from Müller Möbelwerkstatten can be integrated particularly well into many different furnishing styles. They are suitable for both children and teenagers thanks to the simple Scandinavian look. Another popular choice are the products from Magis, as they are ideal for stacking into a bunk bed. The matching ladders and mattresses are also available in the AmbienteDirect online shop. We stock beds from Magis in several different colours such as orange or blue, so they are suitable for both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms.

Ideal companions for writing and painting

The toddler and primary school stages come faster than you think. And that means homework and handicrafts – so a designated children’s table is essential! We have the ideal products for you in our range. Whether it’s the colourful models from Kinderbunt or discreet variants from ferm LIVING – click through to browse our diverse selection. The items from Jan Kurtz are especially innovative, combining a children’s bench and table to provide two items of children’s bedroom furniture rolled into one. You can also find the same concept from Magis. Its children’s furniture also stands out thanks to its creative and child-friendly design, for example in the form of a dog.

As your child gets bigger and spends more time at the desk, ergonomics becomes more important. After all, your child’s body is still growing and relies on the support of modular, functional furniture. The manufacturer Richard Lampert is just one brand that stocks such furniture. Its products are height adjustable and can thus be individually adapted to your child’s current body size. You can buy the child-friendly swivel chair on castors as part of our handy set of children’s bedroom furniture!

A tidy house, a tidy mind – that goes for children, too!

Where there’s a table, a chair is never far away – even in the children’s bedroom. Our wide product range has something comfortable for everyone – whether nursery school or primary school age. For example, how about a high chair from HAY? The organic design and the structure made of recycled materials such as PET felt make the models wonderful, unique pieces. In addition, they are stackable, easy to carry and provide additional storage space under the seat. Particular highlights include the cute creations from Kartell, which were designed as mini versions for children based on the legendary Louis Ghost armchair. The items are available in various colours and with different patterns and can be bought conveniently online in our range of children’s bedroom furniture.

Everything a child’s heart desires

A nursery without toys – never! Discover a whole host of high-quality toys in our online shop and give your children some unforgettable happiness! Our product range includes: 

  • Children’s tents 
  • Wooden and nodding figures 
  • Music boxes 
  • Puzzles and educational games 
  • Soft toys 
  • Wooden blocks 
  • Pushchair chains 
  • Rocking horses 
  • Toy cars

Pick out your little one’s new favourite toy now and order it from AmbienteDirect together with functional children’s bedroom furniture for their birthday, the first day at school or as a Christmas gift.

Magical lighting for the children’s bedroom

Even the little ones need good lighting conditions in their little kingdom. Particularly at bedtime, most children do not like complete darkness. That’s why we stock beautiful lamps for the children’s bedroom in our product range, just waiting to gently brighten up your little one’s room. There are also lovingly designed wall lights such as those from ferm LIVING or small Bedside lamps from Artemide. We’ve got just the thing for all your lighting needs.

Tips for furnishing the children’s bedroom

When buying children’s bedroom furniture, as well as accessories and toys for the little ones, you need to keep the following aspects in mind: 

  • High-quality and robust materials guarantee that items will last a long time. 
  • Rounded corners and edges reduce the risk of injury while playing and running about. 
  • Bright colours and fun designs will make children’s eyes light up. 
  • Stackable or foldable products don’t take up too much room and are ideal for small spaces. 
  • Functional children’s bedroom furniture that grows with your child can be used for a long time and is kind to your little one’s body during periods of growth.

Get an idea of the exclusive models in our shop and get the inspiration you need to furnish or decorate the children’s bedroom!