Magis - Dalmatian Puppy Hund S - schwarz/weiß/Größe 1/L x B x H: 42,5 x 26 x 34,5cm
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Me Too Dalmatian Puppy Dog

Design by Eero Aarnio
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Product description

The abstract plastic dog Dalmatian Puppy is a product by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio for the Me Too Collection by Magis and is an advancement of the famous Puppy by the same designer.

Here the cute Dalmatian Puppy dog sports a black and white spotted look and it suits it very well! The robust Puppy can either be a playful companion for your kids or a witty decorative object for your home, which makes the Dalmatian Puppy by Magis a welcome guest any room. However, the Dalmatian Puppy also likes to play in the garden, because its plastic body made of polyethylene can withstand any weather.

The Dalmatian Puppy dog is available in four sizes, please see the "available product types" for details. Also discover its green, white, and orange-coloured siblings as well as many other abstract animal toys by Magis in the "collection".

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Available product types

Dalmatian Puppy Dog S
Dalmatian Puppy Dog S black / white / LxWxH 42.5x26x34.5cm
5 weeks
Shipping information
5 weeks
€ 67,00*
Dalmatian Puppy Dog M
Dalmatian Puppy Dog M black / white / LxWxH 56.5x34x45cm
5 weeks
Shipping information
5 weeks
€ 109,00*
Dalmatian Puppy Dog L
Dalmatian Puppy Dog L black / white / LxWxH 69.5x42x55.5cm
5 weeks
Shipping information
5 weeks
€ 155,00*
Dalmatian Puppy Dog XL
Dalmatian Puppy Dog XL black / white / LxWxH 102x61.5x81cm
5 weeks
Shipping information
5 weeks
€ 309,00*

Dimensions & additional info

· LxWxH 42.5x26x34.5cm: 42.5cm
· LxWxH 69.5x42x55.5cm: 69.5cm
· LxWxH 56.5x34x45cm: 56.5cm
· LxWxH 102x61.5x81cm: 102cm
· LxWxH 42.5x26x34.5cm: 26cm
· LxWxH 69.5x42x55.5cm: 42cm
· LxWxH 56.5x34x45cm: 34cm
· LxWxH 102x61.5x81cm: 61.5cm
· LxWxH 42.5x26x34.5cm: 34.5cm
· LxWxH 69.5x42x55.5cm: 55.5cm
· LxWxH 56.5x34x45cm: 45cm
· LxWxH 102x61.5x81cm: 81cm
Seat Height:
· LxWxH 42.5x26x34.5cm: 24cm
· LxWxH 69.5x42x55.5cm: 38cm
· LxWxH 56.5x34x45cm: 31cm
· LxWxH 102x61.5x81cm: 0cm
Other Features Suitable for outdoor use

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