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Fuoco Fire Pit

Design by Flöz Design
Item ID 146052

Product description

The Fuoco Fire Pit was designed by Flöz Design for the renowned German manufacturer Blomus.
The Fuoco Fireplace is made of frost-proof black ceramics, so that this jewel can be placed outdoors without any problems arising. The fire pit by Blomus is a so called gel fire pit, because the flame is fueled with combustion gel. The advantage of this technique: The fire is easily lit and just as quickly put out.
The cover of the Fuoco Fire Pit by Blomus is made of stainless steel, that features an opening in the middle for filling the combustion gel into the fire pit. This stainless steel surface reflects the shimmer of the fire and makes Fuoco a unique outdoor experience. Included in the delivery is a long-handled extinguisher.
Next to the Fuoco Fire Pit manufacturer Blomus produces many other beautiful products for your home and garden, please see "our recommendations".

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Available product types

Fuoco Fire Pit Ø18cm
Fuoco Fire Pit Ø18cm black / H 11cm / Ø 18cm / 400ml / 2h
1 week
Shipping information
1 week
€ 82,00*
€ 94,50
Save 13% compared to the RRP of € 94,50
Fuoco Fire Pit Ø32cm
Fuoco Fire Pit Ø32cm black / H 9,5cm / Ø 32cm / 400ml / 2h
1 week
Shipping information
1 week
€ 131,00*
€ 146,00
Save 10% compared to the RRP of € 146,00


Burning Gel 1L
Burning Gel 1L transparent
1 week
Shipping information
1 week
€ 7,00*
€ 7,85
Save 11% compared to the RRP of € 7,85

Dimensions & additional info

MaterialsStainless steel polished, ceramics
· H 9,5cm / Ø 32cm / 400ml / 2h: 9.5cm
· H 11cm / Ø 18cm / 400ml / 2h: 11cm
· H 9,5cm / Ø 32cm / 400ml / 2h: 32cm
· H 11cm / Ø 18cm / 400ml / 2h: 18cm
Capacity: 0.4l

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