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Thin-K Aluminium Table extendable

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 150x80x75cm/extendable 190-230cm

6-8 weeks
€ 2.222,10

Product description

The stylish Thin-K Aluminium Table extendable was designed by Luciano Bertoncini for the Italian design label Kristalia. Bertoncini has had his designs exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and he has won numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious Compasso d'Oro.

The Thin-K Aluminium Table extendable has an environmentally-friendly design, being made entirely of recyclable material. The very thin table top, just 6mm in depth, offers a feeling of lightness and minimalism. The table is suitable for use either indoors or out. Constructed of light aluminium, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and is weatherproof. The filigree table top is steel powder painted with a polyester powder coating.

A special feature of the Thin-K Aluminium Table extendable is that it can be extended, with two panels that are built in to the design - this makes it suitable for larger dining areas or for when you have friends or family to host and need additional space. The table is available in various lengths and widths to suit your personal requirements. A high level of stability and reliability is assured with this long lasting, great looking table.

Product details

Item ID 147957
Brand Kristalia
Designer Luciano Bertoncini
Collection Kristalia Thin-K
Colors white/frame white lacquered
Materials aluminium
Dimensions Length:
· LxWxH 123x80x75cm: 123cm
· LxWxH 150x80x75cm: 150cm
· LxWxH 150x90x75cm: 150cm
· LxWxH 170x90x75cm: 170cm
· LxWxH 200x100x75cm: 200cm
· LxWxH 123x80x75cm: 80cm
· LxWxH 150x80x75cm: 80cm
· LxWxH 150x90x75cm: 90cm
· LxWxH 170x90x75cm: 90cm
· LxWxH 200x100x75cm: 100cm
Height: 75cm
Weight LxWxH 123x80x75cm: 54kg
LxWxH 150x80x75cm: 62kg
LxWxH 150x90x75cm: 65kg
LxWxH 170x90x75cm: 76kg
LxWxH 200x100x75cm: 91kg

5 designs

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 150x80x75cm/extendable 190-230cm

6-8 weeks
€ 2.222,10

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 170x90x75cm/extendable 210-250cm

6-8 weeks
€ 2.739,80

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 200x100x75cm/extendable 240-280cm

6-8 weeks
€ 3.200,60

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 123x80x75cm/extendable 163-203cm

6-8 weeks
€ 1.826,00

white/frame white lacquered/LxWxH 150x90x75cm/extendable 190-230cm

6-8 weeks
€ 2.234,00

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