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Dune Tray


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Product description

The Dune Tray has been created by Mario Bellini for the brand Kartell. It stands out from the rest with its unexampled design. Whether it is clear or coloured, the pattern on these trays turns them into a work of art.

The Dune Tray gets its name and design from sand dunes found in deserts. It is made of semi-transparent polycarbonate. The engineered plastic has been sculpted from the inside to form the waves that replicate those that sand makes in the desert. Doing this on the inside makes it possible to leave the outer surface even so that it provides a steady surface to place items on. They are made such that the final look and effect is a mesmerising three-dimensional picture where the waves appear to move.

The Dune Tray is available in two sizes; the smaller one has a length of 46cm, a width of 32cm and a height of 2.5cm. The larger one has a length of 55cm, a width of 38cm and a height of 3cm. It is available in clear or neutral colours, all of which have a sophisticated-looking glossy texture.

Product details

Item ID 147615
Brand Kartell
Designer Mario Bellini
Collection Kartell Dune
Colorstransparent, fumè (glossy)
· 46x32cm: 46cm
· 55x38cm: 55cm
· 46x32cm: 32cm
· 55x38cm: 38cm
· 46x32cm: 2.5cm
· 55x38cm: 3cm
Weight46x32cm: 1.3kg
55x38cm: 2.3kg

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only 4 left in stock
€ 106,00


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2-3 weeks
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