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Connect Bed Frame

white/powder-coated/with crossbar/LxWxH 209.4x169.4x30cm/without mattress/without slatted frame

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€ 683,00

Product description

The Connect Bed Frame has been created by Leif Jørgensen for the brand HAY. Inspired by modern art and art masters, Danish architect and industrial designer Jørgensen takes the approach of re-imagining everyday items to make them contemporary, optimally functional but still simple. This is exemplified with the Connect Bed Frame that borrowed the idea of the traditional bed frame and turned it into a contemporary, minimalist concept with an industrial look. The bed has two sides and two end rails that slot into each other and are held by eight screws. The way they are embedded in the frame make the screws a point of interest. The joints also make a statement about traditional carpentry. The legs on the bed also stand out with their open design that is a departure from the usual tubular or solid legs.

Made of sheet metal, the Connect Bed Frame comes in two sizes. The larger one has a length of 209cm, a width of 169cm and a height of 30cm. The smaller one is 209cm, 149cm wide and 30cm in height. The larger bed has a crossbar while the smaller one doesn't. The mattress is purchased separately.

Product details

Item ID 163753
Brand HAY
Designer Leif Jørgensen
Colors white/powder-coated/with crossbar
Materials sheet metal
Dimensions Length: 209.4cm
Width: 149.4cm
Height: 30cm

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white/powder-coated/with crossbar/LxWxH 209.4x169.4x30cm/without mattress/without slatted frame

in Stock
€ 683,00

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