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In Attesa Waste Basket

black/H 41cm / Ø 26cm

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€ 49,00

Product description

In Attesa was developed by Enzo Mari for Danese.
When Enzo Mari designed this bin in 1971 for Danese, he was thinking of stressed office workers’ and wanted to create a ‘peace of mind’ like ambience. "In Attesa" means " in expectation " and you could add: "of the paper."
The bin leans towards the thrower - who is more successful with In Attesa than any other bin.
The leaning bin "In Attesa" is one of the classic designs by Enzo Mari and a superb, timeless commodity that should not be missing in any design-oriented office.

Product details

Item ID 156835
Brand Danese
Designer Enzo Mari
Colors white, black, graphite gray, opal
Materials Polypropylene
Dimensions Height: 41cm
Diameter: 26cm

4 designs

white/H 41cm / Ø 26cm

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€ 58,00

black/H 41cm / Ø 26cm

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€ 49,00

graphite gray/H 41cm / Ø 26cm

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€ 44,00
€ 58,00

opal/H 41cm / Ø 26cm

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€ 49,00

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