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ferm LIVING Clipboard

oak / smoked / 31.5x23cm

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€ 24,90

Product description

The ferm LIVING Clipboard has been exclusively designed by Danish manufacturer ferm LIVING.

When designing the ferm LIVING Clipboard, there was a serious dedication to creating something that serves a basic purpose reliably and elegantly: exactly what the brand is famous for. Sometimes, the simplest design is the hardest, and with this clipboard, the ferm LIVING brand displays both its unique flair and inspiration from the very best elements of traditional Scandinavian influences. This means a simple, elegant and, in this case, rustic look that serves a genuinely useful purpose in the home or office. Responsibly sourced and ecologically friendly materials are used for something that is guaranteed to provide lasting service.

The ferm LIVING Clipboard is absolutely ideal for use either in a home office or in a commercial setting where something with a little more flair than the ordinary is required. It's made from a durable yet extremely beautiful smoked oak which gives it a subtle rustic and traditional appeal, though its functionality is entirely modern. Keeping stray papers safe and easy to find is done elegantly thanks to this clipboard, which also offers a secure writing surface on the move.

Product details

Item ID 277094
Brand ferm LIVING
Designer ferm LIVING
Colors oak/smoked
Materials oak wood
Dimensions Length:
· 25.5x17cm: 25.5cm
· 31.5x23cm: 31.5cm
· 25.5x17cm: 17cm
· 31.5x23cm: 23cm
Weight 25.5x17cm: 0.2kg
31.5x23cm: 0.3kg

2 designs

oak / smoked / 31.5x23cm

1 in stock
€ 24,90

oak / smoked / 25.5x17cm

2 in stock
€ 19,00

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