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Menu Enjoy Wine Breather Decanter

transparent, stainless steel / transparent / H: 22cm / Ø 16,5cm

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Product description

The Menu Enjoy Wine Breather Decanter has been created by Norm Architects for Scandinavian design label Menu.

Established in 1976, Danish company Menu have become masters of soft minimalist style. The brand strives to deliver superior products that scale new heights in design, material use and functionality. In fact, the brand makes it its mission to ensure each product released showcases at least one new material, function or innovative method of production. Norm Architects were brought in to help with the design of the Menu Enjoy Wine Breather Decanter, with the challenge of creating a decanter that infused oxygen into wine faster, allowing for less waiting time between uncorking a bottle and enjoying your first sip.

The Menu Enjoy Wine Breather Decanter makes quick work of aerating wine. Simply attach the decanter to an uncorked bottle securely, turn it upside and town and let the wine run, taking on oxygen as it does so. Once this is done, you can return the aerated wine to the bottle while it is still attached, or choose to serve straight from the elegant decanter itself. The decanter holds up to a litre of wine, but works best with quantities of 0.75 litres.

Product details

Item ID 271023
Brand Menu
Designer Norm Architects
Collection Menu Enjoy
Colors transparent, stainless steel/transparent
Materials glass, silicone, plastic, steel
Dimensions Height: 22cm
Diameter: 16.5cm
Capacity: 0.8l

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transparent, stainless steel / transparent / H: 22cm / Ø 16,5cm

4 in stock
€ 68,00

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