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Brick Mirror

white/lacquered/WxH 70x53cm

8-12 weeks
€ 649,00

Product description

The Brick Mirror was created by Paola Navone for the manufacturer Gervasoni.

Matching sophisticated contemporary design with skilled Italian craftsmanship, this family-run company has maintained its position at the forefront of international taste decade after decade. Born and educated in Turin and based in Milan, Paola Navone has been a progressive force on the Italian design scene since the early 1970s. Many of her pieces are inspired by her extensive travels abroad.

This is very much the case with the Brick Mirror range, which references Australian aboriginal and African tribal art both in the nature of its silhouettes and in its style of decoration. Available in 4 sizes 50 x 32 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 53 x 70 cm and 75 x 75 cm , these mirrors come in a selection of shapes: circular, oval, egg-like and triangular with rounded corners. Their reflective front surfaces are painted with a choice of simple yet striking stylised motifs and abstract patterns. Timeless and exotic, the Brick Mirror collection from Gervasoni is equally at home in a range of settings both traditional and modern, from rustic country dwellings to sleek contemporary apartments.

Product details

Item ID 165995
Brand Gervasoni
Designer Paola Navone
Collection Gervasoni Brick
Colors white/lacquered
Materials mirror, varnish
Dimensions Length: 75cm
· LxW 75x75cm: 75cm
· WxH 32x50cm: 32cm
· WxH 70x53cm: 70cm
· WxH 32x50cm: 50cm
· WxH 70x53cm: 53cm
Diameter: 50cm

4 designs

white/lacquered/WxH 32x50cm

8-12 weeks
€ 449,00

white/lacquered/WxH 70x53cm

8-12 weeks
€ 649,00

white/lacquered/LxW 75x75cm

8-12 weeks
€ 814,00

white/lacquered/Ø 50cm

8-12 weeks
€ 508,00

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