Classic Wire Basket

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Classic 50 Wire Basket / galvanized / H 34cm / Ø 45cm

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Product description
The functional and timelessly beautiful Classic Wire Basket is a product by the Swedish manufacturer Korbo.

Korbo celebrates Swedish tradition since 1922. The label's high-quality wire baskets are weather-proof, were used by fishermen and farmers for their outdoor work since the 1920s, and have always been produced by hand from a single wire. This manufacturing process gives the baskets a unique stability – they will never come apart and are guaranteed to serve you well throughout your life.

The Korbo Classic Wire Basket is available in two material versions made of galvanised steel or stainless steel. The galvanisation prevents corrosion and forms a beautiful, matted patina throughout the years. The stainless steel version is just as weather-resistant, however, the surface of the Korbo Classic Wire Basket always stays shiny regardless of environmental conditions.

The Classic Wire Basket by Korbo is available in three sizes, detailed information can be found in the "available product types". Also discover other products by the Swedish label Korbo in our online shop – be inspired!

Product details
Item ID 269000
Brand Korbo
Collection Korbo Wirebaskets
Colors stainless steel, galvanized
Materials stainless steel, galvanised
Dimensions Height:
· Ø 38cm: 28cm
· Ø 45cm: 24cm
· Ø 48cm: 42cm
· Ø 50cm: 52cm
· Ø 52cm: 70cm
· H 34cm/Ø 45cm: 34cm
· Ø 38cm: 38cm
· Ø 45cm: 45cm
· Ø 48cm: 48cm
· Ø 50cm: 50cm
· Ø 52cm: 52cm
· H 34cm/Ø 45cm: 45cm
· Ø 38cm: 24l
· Ø 45cm: 35l
· Ø 48cm: 65l
· Ø 50cm: 80l
· Ø 52cm: 120l
· H 34cm/Ø 45cm: 50l
Weight Ø 38cm: 2kg
Ø 45cm: 2.5kg
Ø 48cm: 3kg
Ø 50cm: 3.5kg
Ø 52cm: 5.2kg
H 34cm/Ø 45cm: 2.8kg

Technical product features
Other Features Suitable for outdoor use

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