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Boje Estermann

Boje Estermann was born in Denmark in 1961. He worked eight years as a chief executive officer for an french company. So it was quite a career change, when he decided to enter the school of Design "ENSCI- Les Ateliers" in Paris. But he did it and graduated in 1999. In 2000 he established his own design studio, called "Requæst" in Paris.

He got inspired to the funnel during his final assignment at the School of design in Paris. He usually design products by analysing his basic needs. He gets his inspiration by asking himself: Why does he has not this item in his household? His ambition is to create products which are both practical and discreet and offers that little extra. To give them a personal touch without loosing the functionality.
Funnel was produced by Normann Copenhagen.

Today Boje Estermann designs for international Design companies such as for example Normann Copenhagen, deDanaë in Tokyo and Kobe in Japan.