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Zieta Prozessdesign

Oskar Zieta was born in Szczecin, Poland, in the year 1975. He studied architecture and broadened his know-how during postgraduate studies at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. Back then he already began experimenting with sheet steel and developed the “FiDU technology” (roughly translated to “Free internal Pressure (Druck) Forming (Umformung)”): A process in which two identical pieces of sheet steel, laser-cut and welded along the contures, are blown up with internal pressure via air or water.

The result is extremely individual furniture – because you can never tell or even control what the sheet steel will look like once the procedure is done, no product will be the same. In the times of mass production this presents a special appeal and makes the designs by Zieta Prozessdesign unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Only the direction of deformation can be decided by slightly bending the material beforehand: This is important, so that, for example, the legs can be blown up in the right direction.

The most famous specimen by Zieta Prozessdesign is the Plopp stool, which is available as mini, standard, and kitchen version, and was awarded with the Red Dot Award in the year 2008. Ever since the process designer, what Oskar Zieta calls himself, has received numerous other prizes: The “DMY Award for Innovation in production process 2008”, the “German Design Award 2009”, the “Swiss Design Award 2009”, the “Audi Mentor Award by A&W 2011” and many more.

Also all the other designs by Zieta Prozessdesign are very popular: Pin hanger, Kamm 5 coat rack, Drab hanger, Drab mirror, Rondell 27 fruit bowl, or the Chippensteel chair can all be purchased in the online shop by AmbienteDirect. Some of them made it into the permanent collections of several international museums within the shortest period of time.

Working with the “FiDU technology” will keep Zieta Prozessdesign busy for quite a while – after all, there is still a lot of fundamental research to be done. Individual materials will be tested with different deformations, perhaps how stability is won when building additional internal pressure or filling the shape with different materials.

One thing Zieta Prozessdesign has already proven in an impressive manner: That you can make stable and comfortable furniture and living accessories with welded sheet steel.